Diablo IV will make you create a new character for each season

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picture: Blizzard Entertainment

I still have to dive in Diablo IVEven my co-workers rave about itbut I’m starting to think I’d never do that now that I know you apparently have to create a new character every season to participate in battle passes.

This was confirmed by producer Rod Ferguson Twitter (Thanks, computer games), where he explained that new seasons require new characters, so you won’t be able to use the person you played during the main game when playing through seasonal content such as Blizzard He describes in a blog post on his websiteAdditional gameplay features, quest lines (with both new and old faces), battle cards, legendary items, class balance changes, quality of life improvements, and much more.

As some fans and PC Gamer have noted, this is similar to the way content updates work in Diablo series before (ex Diablo IIISeasons), participating in seasonal content does not erase your original character from existence. But I tend to get too attached to the player characters I create, and have to shelve them to make another character that goes against my RPG sensibilities. Hell, having a creator character is one of the game’s biggest selling points for me, and I spend a lot of time painstakingly crafting a guy who looks like me so I can feel like I’m in a new world. So, if you are also overly attached to the player character and want to play a full game like them, then consider this. Diablo IV It has strict rules forbidding that.

All of this comes at a time where Diablo IV Players criticize XP’s long gameplay, which some argue is one of the biggest problems with creating new characters. Right now, some consider the XP the game gives you to be insufficient, and Blizzard hasn’t helped it by decreasing things like spawning elite monsters that players have been grinding to level up. The company said so Plans to implement some changes on this frontHowever, starting with increasing XP production in Nightmare Dungeons and streamlining the process for traveling to them.

While this setting may not come as a surprise Diablo Veterans, it’s good knowledge for newbies and potential players to get in on the game, especially when you’re deciding whether to drop $10 on the battle pass (or $25 on the premium level that lets you skip some levels and get seasonal cosmetics). Diablo IVThe first season will start in July.

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