Android 14 to bring a new warning when sideloading Google apps

The latest Android 14 beta paves the way for a full launch sometime next month, but it still hints at more features to come. One of these upcoming changes could be a warning when trying to load Google apps on Android 14.

Android Police Reports indicate that Android 14 adds the ability for the app stores on your device to claim “ownership of the update” across specific apps. This essentially adds another step to sideloading, as a warning message will appear explaining where updates usually come from, repeating the danger of sideloading. You can simply ignore the warning and continue.

Apparently, Google Apps is where we’ll see this first. The brief demo below shows the new Android 14 sideload warning that updates are “normal” from the Play Store. In this case, an update to Google Play Services was installed via APK Mirror’s Installer app.

This app usually receives updates from the Google Play Store. By updating from a different source, you may receive future updates from any source on your phone. Application functionality may change.

This isn’t the only instance of Google cracking down on apps in Android 14. Earlier this year, Kyle Bradshaw and Dylan Roussel reported that Android 14 would also prevent “old” Android apps from being installed, whether they come from sideloading or the Store. Applications.

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