Deebo Samuel Business Rumors: Here’s the main reason why the 49ers star wants to leave San Francisco.

When 49ers star Deepo Samuel did Wednesday needed his trade, He did not give any specific reason for wanting to leave San Francisco. In most situations like this, a player creates trade demand because he is not happy with his contract, but it seems that it is not here.

In fact, Said Wednesday 49 players want to pay Samuel, but it does not happen because he cut off all contract negotiations with the team.

Why did Samuel place the trade demand? According to several reports, this is because he does not like the way he is used in crime under the age of 49. In the 2021 season, Samuel White scored a historic year while playing both receiver and run back. The Pro Bowler not only pulled 1,405 yards and six touchdowns through the air, but also added 365 yards and eight touchdowns to the ground. Thanks to those numbers, Samuel became the third player in NFL history to complete a season with at least 1,000 receiving yards, as well as at least five receiving touchdowns and five rushing touchdowns. With 1,770 screaming yards, Samuel 49ers’ attack was 28% of the total, a fourth-highest percentage. Any player in the NFL.

Despite those historical numbers, it seems that Samuel is not happy with the number of wins he has taken as a utility player. According to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport, Samuel is not “comfortable” with the way the 49ers use him.

“There are some questions and some disappointments from his position on this application,” Roboport said Wednesday. On the NFL network. “He takes a lot of hits, uses it like a running pack, puts it all over the field, and he doesn’t seem to be comfortable with the way he’s used to it.”

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Starting at week 10, Samuel’s run pack use became an overdrive, with five carries for 36 yards and a touchdown against the Rams 31-10. In the final 11 games of the season, including the playoffs, Samuel lined up behind San Francisco for more than 21% of his attacks. According to To put it forward, Samuel only retreated to 2.1% of aggression events in his life before the 10th week of the 2021 season.

As Samuel spent too much time retreating, his receiving product dropped in the final 11 games of the season. Samuel caught five or more passes in seven of San Francisco’s first eight games of 2021. However, in the final eight games he played last year, including the playoffs, Samuel caught only five or more passes in two.

Tom Belissero of NFL Media said Samuel’s option is to drop his running back roll so he can only focus as a recipient.

“Depo Samuel wants to be a recipient, not a receiver-slash-running pack,” Belicero said. In an interview with Rich Eason. “His urgency efforts have risen significantly from where he was in the past season. We all know he’s really, really a very physical player, but there may be some concerns here about longevity.”

Former NFL player Su’a Cravens said the same thing about longevity in a tweet about Samuels, and the 49ers star will not last long in the NFL if he continues to score in two stages.

Basically, it looks like Samuel just wants to reduce the amount of wins he takes.

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Samuel’s use is not the only reason he wants to leave San Francisco, but at this point, it seems to be the main one. Pro is football talk It was also speculated that it was possible Samuel wants to be closer to home. The 26-year-old attended high school and college in South Carolina.

Whatever the reason, the 49ers star has not yet realized the need to express it. Samuel has been very quiet since his business demands went public on Wednesday, but he has done two notable things on Twitter in the last 24 hours.

It first came when he “liked” a tweet that he would look gorgeous in a cowboy uniform (it would not be shown on his profile later because he did not like the tweet).

Samuel also sent his own tweet, which he later deleted.

The job of reporters is to make people aware of the truth about the situation. [my agent Tory Dandy]And Deepo Samuel, “the 49ers star wrote.

You can see the tweet below.

The problem for 49 players is that it can not be easy to negotiate with a player who does not want to play for your team. It can be difficult to negotiate with a player when you do not know exactly what his role will be.

A month ago, Samuel 49ers told fans he was not going anywhere, but now, something in the last six weeks seems to have changed his mind.

Since a trade would end up being the best move for all parties and the possibility is now at the table we have made a list of possible landings for Samuel. You can see it by clicking here.

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