Daniel Hudson suffers an anterior cruciate ligament injury at the end of the season

The Dodgers were dealt a heavy blow on Friday, as the setup man Daniel Hudson He was most likely diagnosed with an ACL injury in his left knee at the end of the season, coach Dave Roberts announced to reporters after tonight’s game.Twitter link via Juan Toribio from MLB.com). Hudson will undergo an additional wave of tests to confirm the diagnosis, but the team believes he has ruptured a ligament. Hudson suffered the injury when he tried to catch the racket but collapsed at the front of the hill.

Hudson’s loss is a huge blow to a Dodgers club that will already be without the right hand Blake Trainin Even after the All-Star break due to shoulder issues. Hudson stepped up and took on Treinen’s role as the team’s top set-up, featuring an impressive 2.22 ERA with a 30.9% strike rate versus a 5.1% walk rate. He’s also turned out a career-high 53.2% average volley as well, due in large part to throwing the slider in a career-high 42.3%. 80 percent of the skaters played against the Hudson have been land players so far this year.

The injury is very difficult for Hudson due to the nature of his contract. The 35-year-old has signed a one-year, $7 million contract with Los Angeles that includes a $6.5 million club option for the 2023 campaign. Based on how Hudson viewed in the first few months of the season, that option looked like a lock being captured. Now, coming out of a major knee injury, this seems considerably less likely. The contract also allowed Hudson to increase the value of this option based on the number of games he finished, and with eight games already under his belt, he had a good chance of increasing the value of that option a bit.

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Even with Treinen out for a good portion of the season, the Dodgers’ undercuts are still combined at a 3.40 ERA that ranks ninth in the Majors. They did better by FIP measure, ranking third in the game at 3.25 entering play on Friday. However, with Hudson out of the picture, the basketball game in Los Angeles now consists mainly of inexperienced arms with minimal major league track records.

Valid Evan Phillips He was great in 2022 (1.95 ERA in 27 2/3 innings) but entered the season with 6.68 ERA in 67 FFPs. It’s a similar story with the right-handed Forget the Monte. The Dodgers once again received strong results from the right Phil Bickford and left Alex Physiabut each season is his second full season in the big league. Prosdar Graterol Having a good season but don’t miss the bat at the level one might expect for someone with his speed. Former Winner of Cy Young David Price He was strong in relief roles this year, and his former rival in the band Reyes Moronta He has shown promise as he looks to re-establish himself after seasons wracked by injuries.

All this combination leads to all-star multi-time Craig Kimbrelwho did not get the results he or the Dodgers had hoped for in the trading time that saw the Dodgers and the White Sox swap AJ Bullock for Kimbriel. The 34-year-old Kimbrel fired a goalless run tonight and boasts a 33.3% strike rate versus a walking rate of 10.4% in 23innings. However, after a strong start to the season, Kimbrel has given up his rounds in eight of his past 15 matches. Tonight’s outing has brought his Era down to 4.30, and it should be noted that he currently suffers a high 404 ball rate in play (despite a very low 30.9%). Kimbrel is likely due to some positive regression, but with him in the doldrums and the team’s first two setup options derailed by injury, the Bulls appear to be more skeptical than anticipated.

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Of course, the August 2 trading deadline this year is still more than five weeks away, so the Dodgers will have no shortage of time to address the issue, if they see fit. and with Walker BuhlerAnd the Andrew Heaney And the Dustin May All currently on the infected list, Dodgers could also be on the lookout for rotation boosts once the commercial market heats up as well.

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