Trail Blazers PG Damian Lillard named All-Star Weekend winner

Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard is enjoying a break from the All-Star festivities.

After winning the three-point contest, Lillard now has a full trophy bag at home. Bleacher Report Andy Bailey Selected Dame as one of the winners of the All-Star Weekend.

The Portland Trail Blazers’ mediocrity has been hampered by Damian Lillard’s ridiculous campaign.

He’s recording career highs in points (31.4) and triples (4.2) per game, while shooting 37.2 percent depth, and he didn’t earn enough votes to start the All-Star Game.

But he outperformed a pair of Indiana Pacers (Terese Halliburton and Buddy Held) in the final of the three-point contest while shaking his college jersey at Weber State in his college state.

As if that wasn’t enough, he then came off the bench and dropped 26 points in the All-Star Game, including the game-winner.

Obviously, Lillard doesn’t need a hack, but this solo campaign deserves more attention. This weekend she gave him at least a little bit of that.

It’s nice to see Lillard getting some love and attention from the national audience. He’s had a historic season with the Blazers so far, arguably the best of his career. Even if the standings don’t say so, Lillard is having a phenomenal season, so it’s no surprise to see him dominate when the lights were bright during All-Star Weekend.

Maybe he can follow up that amazing second-half performance that could catapult the Blazers into the playoff picture.

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