Damian Lewis of the Seattle Seahawks walked off the field with an ankle injury. X-ray negative

Seattle – Seahawks started with left guard Damian Lewis Lumen Field was left on the back of an injury wagon after suffering a sprained ankle during the 27-11 preseason loss to the Chicago Bears.

Coach Pete Carroll said the x-rays came back negative, adding, “We’re very, very lucky there.”

“He was optimistic about that,” Carroll said. “Maybe I was surprised by the results, but we’re thrilled with them too.”

Carroll said he doesn’t yet know if Lewis will be available for the September 12 Seattle inaugural game against the Denver Broncos.

Lewis fell in the second quarter when he was a defensive line player Angelo Blackson I accidentally rolled over on him from behind while interfering DJ Dallas. Lewis’ right leg was placed in an aerobic cast while being carried off the field, and he was disqualified for the remainder of the match.

Selected in the third round of LSU in 2020, Lewis was a returning player on the offensive line who added a left tackle Charles Cross In the draft with the ninth overall selection in addition to the center Austin Blyth In free agency. Coined as Seattle Abe Lucas In the third round of competition in the right intervention. Lewis had a solid review from Carroll earlier this summer. He was preparing for his third season as a rookie and second in the left guard after playing the role of the right guard as a rookie.

Phil Heinz He replaced Lewis on Thursday night. And Carroll said earlier at his training camp that Hines had been having a strong enough summer to “push” the veteran. Gabe Jackson On the right side, Hines gave them what Carroll considered three base-caliber guards.

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Carol quarterback said Jeno Smithwho was ahead Drew Lock In the battle of replacement Russell Wilson, suffered a contusion to his right knee in a stampede in the first quarter and could have played until the third quarter if needed. Smith watched most of the second half with an ice cap on his knee.

With Locke sidelined with COVID-19 for what would have been his first start of the summer, Smith played the entire first half and finished 10 of 18 for 112 yards.

Six full drives Smith drove, not counting the final possession in the final seconds of the game, ended with five balls and a 47-yard field goal wasted. Three of Smith’s incompleteness were drops, a problem for the second week in a row.

“He did really well,” Carroll said. We needed to come in. We needed to help him out a little bit. We needed to play around with him but we missed the dam on the screen, we missed the third conversion, and there’s another one in there. He needed that and he threw some really good balls that could have been converted. We have to come for him. Our receivers have to do a job for him.”

Seattle planned to start the Lock run Thursday night, but he tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday after feeling unwell during training. Carroll said Luke was still “really ill” as of Thursday morning and that no decision had been made about the start of the Seattle season finale in Dallas next Friday.

“It’s disappointing he didn’t get the chance to play tonight,” Carroll said. “We had a different plan for tonight and we couldn’t do it. We couldn’t do anything about it. That’s why I’m still curious to see how he plays with us. Yeah, I am. He’s done enough good things. He has some real things to him and some Real exciting abilities and stuff in the gaming industry that you’ll see when he finally gets his chance. Just disappointed we couldn’t see more of it tonight.”

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