Can Taylor Swift fans be left in the dark? Metro Transit may not add trains after sold-out Minneapolis offerings

Express departing for concerts next weekend at US Bank Stadium may be left scrambling to find ways back home after Metro Transit said it couldn’t commit to additional late-night light rail service.

The last train is scheduled to depart from the US Bank Stadium station at 11:31 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, according to the State Department. Metro light rail transit schedule. This was around the same time that Taylor Swift was expected to wrap up her 3 1/2 hour concert. About 60,000 people are expected to attend the performances, which were carried out each night.

The idea of ​​leaving tens of thousands of music lovers—including many young adults—to walk or find rides from downtown Minneapolis at night has drawn some criticism of Metro Transit. on social media.

Megan Radek scored one ticket to a Saturday show just last week. But the excitement of being able to see Swift was dampened a bit by transfer concerns. Radke, from Egan, immediately thought of the Blue Line because she used to take it to and from work.

“As a woman, I don’t necessarily want to walk a whole bunch of blocks either to get back to my car at night,” Radke said.

“I know people reach out on social media with Metro Transit. But it was frustrating because Metro Transit responds, ‘Well, we finished at 11:30,’” Radke said. She even reached out to Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.

His spokesman, Ali Peters, said in a statement that the mayor had asked Metro Transit to add after-hours service on both days of the ceremony. Downtown Minneapolis will be buzzing this weekend with concerts and the annual Twin Cities Pride Festival.

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“Having Taylor Swift perform over the same weekend as Pride is an opportunity to show hundreds of thousands of people just how amazing our city is,” said Peters. “Part of the unique Minneapolis experience is having safe and accessible transit options for getting in and out of downtown.”

Earlier this week, Metro Transit, which is operated by the Metropolitan Council, responded to fan requests on social media saying the extra service would likely not be available after the concert, citing a staffing shortage. Metro Transit currently has 85 train operators, which is 10 short of the ideal staffing level, according to written statement.

“We regret the disappointment of fans who planned to ride the light rail to and from concerts at US Bank Stadium,” the statement said. “We share this disappointment, and hope in the future we will be in a better position to provide additional service when we anticipate exceptionally high demand.”

Drew Kerr, senior director of communications for Metro Transit, said Metro Transit is offering extra pay to employees in hopes of making late-night service available. Eras Tour attendees will know closer to concert dates if an additional service will be available.

Kerr said that during normal business hours, the agency will have security at stations and on trains for safety. Metro Transit ambassadors will help manage crowds and fares, and the agency’s police department will be staffed on the platform and trains as well.

Kerr said fans who want help with other transportation options are welcome to contact Metro Transit.

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There are a few bus options for those heading to the Mall of America and downtown St. Paul. Fans can walk a few blocks to 8th Street and Park Avenue to catch the Metro Transit D Line express bus to the mall until about 1:13 a.m. Paul until about 1 am, although on weekends there are few buses.

Sloane Martin, who is going to a party on Friday night, picks the bus. You’re disappointed that Metro Transit doesn’t take the opportunity to reduce dependence on the car.

“Large events are an ideal way to introduce people to using public transportation,” Sloan said.

Trying to use Uber or ride-sharing during big events can be messy at times, especially with heavy traffic. This is why she will be traveling to and from the ceremony on a bus.

Swift’s tour of major cities across the country attracted large crowds who depended on transportation to get to and from shows. Demand from fans prompted railway operators to Add service between Boston and the stadium there. Transportation operators in atlanta It also added trains to accommodate the large, late-night musical crowds.

US Bank Stadium is proposed A range of transportation options To attend the event, from taxis to walking to cycling.

Suburban MTVA adds Swiftie buses

For Eras Tour attendees looking for other travel options, the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority is offering a $5 round trip ride on the Swiftie Bus for both shows, according to statement on its website.

Buses will pick up fans at Marshall Road, Burnsville, Apple Valley and Eagan transit stops and drop off at US Bank Stadium. The Swiftie Bus will depart 30 minutes after the last song of the concert from the US Bank Stadium Gateway Ramp and drop off at the same pick-up stops.

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Tickets must be purchased at least two days before the departure date to guarantee a place on the RIDEMVTA app.

Hannah Sayle and her friends decide to opt for the Swiftie bus when they learn that the Metro Transit light rail isn’t going to be an option – even though she lives just minutes away from a light rail station. Even with the ticket secured, Sayle said she worries about whether a full bus will force her to the stadium at a later date.

“I feel like they don’t understand how big this event is,” Sayle, 23, said of Metro Transit.

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