Calvary Session: The Buckeyes Flying Under the Radar, Ohio State Makes a Case to Be a Wide Reception University and It’s Only Getting Cooler in Columbus

Tuesday was laden at the Buckeye Nation.

For the second week in a row, Ohio was considered Team number 2 in the country by the College Football Committee.

A few hours after these ratings were issued, The Ohio State University women’s basketball Drop No. 5 Tennessee, 87-75, In the Buckeyes’ first regular season game in 2022-23.

Jesse Sheldon led the way for Ohio State with 14 points, seven assists, and eight steals. Meanwhile, Taylor Michaels scored 25, Rebecca Mikolaskova added 17, and Koutie McMahon and Taylor Thierry each scored 10. As a team, the Buckeyes forced the Volunteers to commit 29 turns and it made the difference as Ohio State took a top-five win . to start the year.

Phew. What on tuesday. But we are moving forward! Let’s have a good Wednesday, shall we?

under the radar. In association with ESPN, FiveThirtyEight It is a website that uses data and analytics as its primary source for writing. In fact, much of their work does not use citations or external sources. They are good old numbers explained through the medium of an online article.

Tuesday, FiveThirtyEight Contributor Josh Planos Readers asked, “Why is the college football world sleeping in Ohio State?”

Planos explained that the Buckeyes were One of the most dominant teams In the nation this season, According to ESPN Proficiency RatingsAnd they’ve been playing some of the best soccer games the program has seen since 2014. However, he believes Ohio State isn’t getting the proper attention from college soccer experts and fans.

At this point in the season, Planos argues, Ohio State has only looked good once, and that was in 2019. The Buckeyes are also seven points more efficiency than the 2014 National Championship team.

Oyo state efficiency rates


a crime


Sp. difference

the total

2014 87.3 69.8 55.7 85.6





















2019 96.1 92.5 58.3 97.9











2022 93.3 83.5 39.6 92.9

So, Ohio State is one of the four unbeaten teams, and one of the most talented and competent in FBS. Why don’t the Buckeyes get their due? Planos writes:

Without a doubt, defending national champion Georgia Bulldog looked sporadically for part of the title favorites once again, with the season-opening Oregon blast and stellar defensive effort last weekend against Tennessee. A year after winning it all, Georgia is likely to hold the number one spot in every poll going forward unless it loses. But that’s also a team that almost trounced the unseeded Missouri team with a losing record.

Ohio doesn’t have the standard strength of Georgia, nor do you measure it in ESPN’s Football Strength Index (or our Elo model). But the Buckeyes are also never in danger of losing and they are the only team with attack and defense in the top five. They’ve produced more points per game (45.78) on more yards per game (7.3) than any team in the country – essentially doing it entirely without (Jaxon) Smith-Njigba, the receiver who last year broke a 20-year-old conference that took the record. And he was a favorite to win the Biletnikoff Prize. However, they have one vote for first place in the most recent AP poll.

“Disrespect” is a personal, relative, and perhaps even a strong touch of what Ohio experienced in 2022. Perhaps “disrespect” is a better way to put it, or “take it for granted.” But the Buckeyes should feel comfortable being in that spot. Surprisingly, it’s been seven years since they last took first place in an AP poll. That’s right: they weren’t even top 15 when they had two Top 15 road wins by mid-October in 2016, nor when they won two Top 15 games by the end of September 2018, nor when they beat the regular-season roster with an average victory margin Best in a playoff with 33.1 points in 2019.

Will this season change in Columbus? Perhaps — provided the Buckeyes continues to win enough to capture the attention of voters and the playoffs committee. But right now, one of the toughest college football programs has been flying weirdly under the radar all season.

Now, I’ll admit that the premise of the country’s second-team “flying under the radar” sounds a bit silly, but maybe Planos is on to something. Throughout the season—until the Northwestern game—Ohio State felt like the most complete team in the country. Then the Fighting Fitzgeralds played the Buckeyes in a 14-point match in inclement weather.

The novelty bias may have caused the world of college football to forget how talented and capable Ohio State really is. At the end of the day, I think we’ll find out what made this team happen over the next three weeks, with the final test on November 26th against Michigan.

OSU is WRU. If Ohio State isn’t already the University of Wide Receiver college football, it soon will be.

Michael Thomas, Terry McLaurin, Paris Campbell, Curtis Samuel, Noah Brown, Benjamin Victor, CJ Saunders, rookies Garrett Wilson and Chris Olaf are all former Backeyes currently on the NFL teams.

Not only does Ohio have a number of players, but the quality is remarkable as well. from “WOW!” Plays like Samuel’s 49-yard catch in triple coverage on Sunday to smooth smooth Running the road and releasing Wilson and Olaf, the Buckeyes team boosts their résumés with numbers and talent.

Of course, we should consider Alabama and LSU in the WRU conversation. The Tide features Julio Jones, Amary Cooper, Calvin Ridley, Jerry Judy, Devonta Smith, Jaylene Waddell and Jameson Williams (who played for two years at Ohio State). Meanwhile, tigers were claimed by Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham Jr., Justin Jefferson, and Jamar Chase.

While these schools may be as advanced now, Nick Saban and Brian Kelly don’t have as talented a receiver as Ohio State this fall, outside of LSU’s Kayshon Boutte.

The Buckeyes have Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Marvin Harrison Jr. As a lockout for the NFL – the former was a predictable first-and-last-round pick making a solid case to be the first receiver to be picked up in 2024. Additionally, Emeka Egbuka and Julian Fleming continue to maximize both possessing attributes that would entice professional teams into the draft process.

And why stop there? With plenty of depth behind them in Jayden Ballard, Kaleb Brown, Kyion Grayes, Caleb Burton, Kojo Antwi and a Recruitment class 2023 . uploaded From Brandon Ennis, Noah Rogers, Carnell Tate and Bryson Rogers to Columbus next year, the Ohio State Reception Room will continue to produce only the best talent. It’s time to sit back and watch it unfold before our eyes.

Just getting cold. Ohio State men’s basketball guard Isaac “Ace” is Leakey’s hometown of Arlington, Texas, and played his first four years in college hoops in Stillwater, Oklahoma, for the Cowboys.

After just a few months as Buckeye, Likekele will probably reconsider his decision to move to Ohio State—just a little bit. Not because of anything on the field, but because it was so cold in Columbus.

I regret to inform Mr. Ice that temperatures in central Ohio will only continue to drop in the coming weeks, so he will likely need to keep that winter jacket in his clothing rotation.

Those of you frantically checking the weather after Ohio State’s performance against Northwestern last weekend might already know this. However, the weather in Columbus will be in the 60s for the rest of the week, peaking at 70 degrees on Thursday. It looks great, doesn’t it?

But there is more…

When the football team hosts Indiana on Saturday, the lowest will be 30 degrees, the highest will be 42 degrees with winds around 10-15 mph, so it looks like we’ll see how the Buckeyes do in cold weather sooner rather than later.

SZN fake draft. If you love mock drafts or have always wanted to see how skilled you are as the General Manager of your favorite NFL franchise, Pro Football Focus has a tool for you that can be a lot of fun.

This week, the PFF updated the simulation simulation project In the 2023 NFL Draft, which allows you to place players like Stroud, Smith-Njigba, Paris Johnson Jr. and Dawand Jones, Cade Stover, and other Buckeyes on professional teams.

I spent quite a bit of time using the feature on Tuesday and would recommend playing it during some spare time. And if you choose to use it at work, make sure there is a separate tab to click on in case your boss passes by. If your boss catches you, tell them it’s my fault. I’ll take the heat!

Today’s song. “The Cave” by Mumford & Sons.

cut to chase. The discovery of a T-Rex skull in South Dakota To be auctioned in New York…NASA moon rocket launch Delayed again due to tropical weather… photos from the total Lunar eclipse in North America and East Asia…his name is Chris Evans Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine… found ancient bronze statues In perfect condition in Italy.

Do not forget: Ohio State women’s ice hockey advocate Sophie Jack has voted to win the AAU James E. Sullivan Award (click here). Today is the last day you can vote!

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