Call Of Duty 2024 takes black ops into the Gulf War

New details have emerged about what’s coming Call of duty Game. I know people are still playing Modern Warfare III Now, but according to Report from Windows Centralnext year’s entry in Activision’s long-running FPS franchise will be a new experience Black ops The title is led by developer Treyarch and revolves around the Gulf War in the early 1990s.

according to Windows Central“Multiple sources familiar with Activision’s plans” report that Call of duty The publisher brings Black ops Returning to enter the franchise in 2024. It’s been a minute since we’ve seen this subtitle pinned to a file Call of duty Name with last Black ops The game is 2020 cold War. While this film is set in the early 1980s, it is assumed that this is coming Black ops The game will reportedly jump us a decade in time to depict the war between Iraq and the US-led coalition of 42 countries.

the next Black ops It will tell an “accurate account” of the war

Windows Central He pointed out that next year Call of duty The game, which is currently referred to as “Black Ops 6” and is codenamed “Cerberus“Internally, it will lean toward more traditional military warfighting tools and technology that we’ve seen in the older ones Black ops Games rather than modern and futuristic weapons lately Call of duty Titles. Furthermore, the magazine’s sources said that this upcoming game will seek to tell a “accurate narrative of the Gulf War” focusing on the different factions involved in the conflict, though it is unclear which viewpoints it will be centered on.

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like Indoor games mentioned On October 13, Black Ops: Gulf War— or whatever Activision and Treyarch eventually decide to call it — will contain maps from the past Black ops Games, incl Black ops“Weapons of mass destruction and Black Ops IIgrinding. Windows Central It suggests that according to leaked game files that appeared online in early October, the game may also come with a round-based Zombies mode. Windows Central He also has reason to believe that Activision is planning a “big early access pre-order bonus” when the game launches, which could allow players willing to pay extra to play the game before others. This part seems like the most logical of all, considering that Activision does this regularly Call of duty Games, and just did it for release Modern Warfare III.

None of this has been confirmed by Activision or Treyarch yet, but it looks like the next one is Call of duty The game is targeting a late fall/early winter release in 2024.

Kotaku Activision has reached out for comment.

Activision faces an uphill battle with Call of duty In the wake of Modern Warfare III. It doesn’t just do that The campaign is mostly badBecome Worst review Call of duty Game in historygamers are angry about multiplayer because Loose skins, Unfortunate death pitsAnd Matchmaking is frustrating. As we came to find out, Developers worked nights and weekends to rush Modern Warfare III To release. Hopefully, with the next one Call of duty The game is said to be landing next year, and the same thing will never happen again.

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