A new Samsung patent suggests a wider cover screen for the Galaxy Z Fold 6

Earlier today, we reported that Samsung could introduce a cheaper version of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 later this year alongside the regular Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6. But what improvements will Samsung bring with the regular Galaxy Z Fold 6? ? Will we see the wider Cover Display that many users have been demanding?

This could finally happen if some reports and this Samsung patent are to be believed.

A new patent from Samsung could hint at the design of the Galaxy Z Fold 6

Samsung Electronics filed a new patent related to the foldable phone (US 11,889,006 B2) two days ago with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). This patent documents foldable smartphone design technology that could make the devices thinner than Samsung's current generation Galaxy Z Fold series phones. Moreover, it reveals a wider body, accommodating a wider cover screen and a wider foldable inner screen. The device shown in the patent document is more curved than the Galaxy Z Fold 5. Based on this patent, people in Pigtou created a demo of the device in Collaboration with XLeaks7 (David Kowalski), and you can see him in the photo above.

As you can see in the images above, the patent application document from Samsung Electronics reveals a foldable smartphone that is thinner, wider and more curved. It also reveals several components, including the screws, springs, and gears used in the hinge. While most patents don't make it into the actual final product, there's a good chance this design will actually be used in future Samsung smartphones. Many Galaxy Z Fold users and potential buyers are demanding a phone with a wider cover display, a thinner body, a larger battery, and a built-in S Pen. Samsung appears to be working on several of these features, including a wider body and a cover display, as described in the new patent.

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Patent for hinge components for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold dated January 30, 2024

Some reports have claimed that Samsung will bring a design change with the Galaxy Z Fold 6, and it will likely feature a wider cover display. Samsung has also registered a trademark for the term Ironflex, which refers to a new flexible OLED display that can be used in phones, tablets and foldable displays. It remains to be seen whether Samsung will bring an integrated S Pen slot with the Galaxy Z Fold 6 or not. Samsung is struggling to meet its goal of selling 10 million foldable phones each year, so it could launch a cheaper Galaxy Z Fold phone (possibly called Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE) this year to achieve its sales target.

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