California Nearly 100% Powered by Renewables for the First Time


Renewable electricity met nearly 100% of California’s demand for the first time on Saturday, much of it from Production of large quantities of solar energy Along Interstate 10, an hour east of Coachella Valley.

As party-goers celebrated by the blazing sun at the Stagecoach Music Festival, “at 2:50 (p.m.) Freelance in California. , a non-profit organization that oversees the state’s electric power system and transmission lines. Solar energy provided two-thirds of the required amount.

Environmentalists who have pushed for years to get all of California’s power from renewables were jubilant as they watched the tracking edge to 100% and beyond.

“California Exceeds 100% on This Historic Day for Clean Energy!” Dan JacobsonSenior California Environmental Adviser, on Twitter.

“Once it got to 100%, we were really excited,” said Laura DeHaan, executive director of California Environment. She said the organization and others have worked for 20 years to push Golden State to complete renewable energy through a series of tougher mandates. “California’s solar plants are playing a really big role.”

But Gonzalez said they reviewed the data twice on Monday, and had to adjust it slightly due to reserves and other resource needs.

The environmental group also pushed for the construction of 1 million solar surfaces statewide, which has been achievedadding what Some say it is a more environmentally friendly form of solar energy than solar farmsthat devour the vast expanses of the Mojave Desert and the fragile landscapes.

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“Need to act with the same boldness”: 10% of global energy will be generated by wind and solar methods in 2021

DeHaan said in a statement that more needed to be done, especially at the federal level. “Despite the impressive progress evidenced by the milestone achievement this weekend, a perplexing regulatory error by the Biden administration has alarmed advocates of backsliding on California’s clean energy goals.”

DeHaan said the Commerce Department’s investigation into tariffs on imported solar panels is delaying thousands of megawatts of solar energy storage projects in California.

However, DeHaan said, “California has shown that in a brief, bright moment, we can do it! It’s time to move to 100% clean energy, 100% of the time.”

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