Brian Cox Previews ‘Heir’ Season 4 And Explains What Ticks Logan Roy

(CNN) “Heir” stars Brian Cox Revealing What does Logan Roy Very complex.

In a conversation with CNN’s Chris Wallace, Cox asked “Who’s talking to Chris Wallace?” His character is deeply disillusioned with the world and keeps it all inside, making him bitter.

“I think he’s terribly deceived,” Cox said of fictional media mogul Logan Roy. “Throughout the show, we’ve seen the scars on his back, we’ve seen all the things that happen, and it’s never, you know, the genius of Jesse Armstrong and the writers don’t reveal anything about it. They just, it’s a color, and it’s up to us to fill in those elements to really create a world. . . . And that’s, I think, precisely what’s happening in that scene, his son saying he’s evil, you know, Logan doesn’t think he’s evil.”

Cox added that the Roy family patriarch “believes that morality collapsed a long, long time ago.”

“So he didn’t feel he was particularly moral or immoral,” Cox explained. “He thinks it goes beyond that.”

When Wallace asked if Roy was “undermining” his children at every stage in an effort to ensure there was no heir to his empire, Cox said that wasn’t right.

“Oh no, he definitely wants an heir, but he’s trying to see who’s going to attack the mob,” he replied.

Season 4 of “Succession” will debut on March 26 on HBO Max. (CNN and HBO are both part of Warner Bros. Discovery.)

“Who’s talking to Chris Wallace?” New episodes premiere Fridays on HBO Max and Sundays at 7pm ET on CNN.

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