Bolo J’s house raided by cops, putting the rapper in handcuffs


Polo G

Los Angeles policemen storm…

Rapper put in handcuffs

Polo GX’s house is currently overrun with law enforcement, and the rapper is handcuffed.

Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department struck Polo’s home in the Los Angeles area early Wednesday with a search warrant. In video from the scene — obtained by TMZ Hip Hop — you can see a slew of law enforcement vehicles lined up on Polo Street.

One by one, the policemen ordered the people – including Polo J – out of the house, and put them in handcuffs while they searched the house.

Law enforcement sources told us that the search warrant was executed in connection with the theft and 4 suspects were taken into custody. They are not booked yet.

A Polo G representative told TMZ that the rapper has been taken into custody as part of an active investigation… However, they say he is not the focus of said investigation.

“We hope the LAPD will handle this matter with tact and transparency,” says the rep. We’ve been told Polo will update his fans and supporters when the time is right.

As for the raided house, TMZ broke the story when Polo bought it For just under $5 million in 2021… Comes complete with vaulted ceilings, huge pool, and tennis court.

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