‘Black Adam’ grosses $30M overseas in first three days – Deadline

Saturday Update: Black Adam It added 19 markets on Friday and is now flat $30.2M In its first three days International box office. Friday shook $15.8M with Dwayne Johnson-starrer is the No. 1 American film in all 76 markets in which it was released. With these results, we still expect a $70M opening weekend overseas.

Among the new beginnings, Friday was added UK A clear No. 1 chart with $2M on 1,500 screens and a 58% share of the top 5 films. Results are +52% higher Shazam!53% ahead Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle129% above Jungle Cruise And 291% is ahead Skyscraper. IMAX share is very solid at 9% of total box office.

And participating in the protest, Spain It debuted on Friday to $587K on 689 screens. Black Adam The top 5 dominated the market with almost 60% share; Premium formats are performing very well capturing 4.6% of the total box office. The opening day results are monitored in advance Jumanji 2 (+38%), Shazam! (+79%), Skyscraper (+187%) and Jungle Cruise (+231%).

Currently, Friday to 5 to 5 markets UK ($2M), Mexico ($1.9M), Brazil ($1.8M), India ($1.7M) and Australia ($1.7M).

Going forward, we hear the family game is stronger than expected.

And next Sunday…

Earlier, Friday: Warner Bros/New line/DCs Black Adam It opened at the international box office on Wednesday and rocked till Thursday $13.8M From 57 markets. Today adds the UK and Spain as the overseas rollout continues.

Includes early markets to go on Wednesday France And Korea. In the former, the Dwayne Johnson starrer has grossed $1M in its first two days. In Korea, film leads all dramas by a wide margin. The $1.3M run to date follows the market’s typical cycle of opening on Wednesday, then falling on Thursday, and bouncing on Friday (that total is not reflected in the two-day offshore cume. above).

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Thursday was a remarkable start India With $1M, it was the second-biggest debut for Warner Bros. and the biggest for DC. Diwali holiday is coming.

Elsewhere, MexicoThe $850K was 9% higher than Johnson’s performance earlier Thursday Jumanji: The Next Level And 63% more than his 2018 actioner. Skyscraper.

In Australia$750K was 80% higher than Thursday’s opening Skyscraper and 87% above Shazam!

Although the overseas weekend won’t really hold until we get silver numbers, we expect Black Adam land near our projected starting range; Critics are downplaying it, but fans are loyal. As Antony reportedDomestic forecasts were strong.

Audiences are clamoring for a new product and wherever it lands, let’s hope it’s a kickstart for times to come.

And all weekend to come…

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