Biden says top officials of the National Security Forces should stop leaking intelligence sharing with Ukrainians

Last week, after the White House refused to provide direct intelligence to Ukrainians “with the intent to kill Russian generals,” Biden spoke privately with Secretary of Defense Austin, CIA Director Burns and National Intelligence Director Avril Hines. He told them it would not be useful to divulge information about what the US is sharing with Ukrainian forces fighting the Russian invasion, an official said, adding that leaks related to such information should be stopped.

U.S. officials are honest about sharing intelligence with the Ukrainians, but also say there is a tax on sharing with them. A spokesman for the National Security Council said last week that in addition to sending weapons to the battlefield, the authorities also provided intelligence to help Ukrainians defend their country.

Officials have previously stated that there are clear limits to intelligence that can be shared with Ukraine, including a ban on providing accurate information targeting intelligence in the name of senior Russian leaders. Those limits are part of the White House’s effort to avoid crossing a fortress that Moscow considers too serious.

But intelligence sharing efforts have proven effective. So far, the information has contributed to successful strikes against senior Russian leaders, and sources close to the Russian navy’s main Moscow intelligence service told CNN.

So far, no direct action has been taken against Russia, the United States or NATO in response to military and intelligence support.

U.S. officials have been left to speculate as to why Moscow has backed down, especially when it comes to cyber-attacks, which the US warned before the war that Russia could use in retaliation for US aid. Russia did not move to attack Kai during the visit of senior US leaders, from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

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The country has not attempted to attack NATO armored ships passing through Poland. It is believed that Russia recently targeted the railways inside Ukraine and brought Western weapons into the fight.

The United States shares intelligence and has provided billions in aid to Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

Last week, Biden announced a $ 150 million package That includes 25,000 155 mm artillery rounds, counter-artillery radars, jamming equipment and field equipment and spare parts, a White House official said.

Biden proposed a new $ 33 billion aid package to Ukraine, which he sent to Congress last month. The United States has made it clear it wants to provide long-term support to Ukraine, and the package proposed last week is more than double the $ 13.6 billion in military and humanitarian aid approved by Congress last month.

The story was updated on Monday with more details.

CNN’s Katie Bo Lillis, Jeremy Herb, Zachary Cohen, Devan Cole, Kate Sullivan and Nikki Carvajal contributed to the report.

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