Biden news today: President chides Matt Gates for criticism of Ukraine while touting new Russian sanctions

Obama jokingly calls Biden ‘Vice President’ upon his return to the White House

In a provocative speech to the North American Construction Trade Union Conference, President Joe Biden introduced new sanctions against Russia and, without naming him, mocked Rep. Matt Gates for his questioning of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

The president received a standing ovation for his comments on the economy, jobs and unions, and also received a penalty for Amazon’s stance on workplace regulation, and his predecessor on taxes (also not named). Biden concluded his speech by announcing an investment of $20 billion in public transportation – the largest investment in US history.

Earlier, Republicans and conservative commentators were condemned for posting misleading edited clips claiming to show the president being disparagingly ignored in favor of Barack Obama at a White House event yesterday.

Mr Obama was giving his first public address at the Executive Palace since leaving office – a celebration of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Biden announced changes to the health care program that could make up to 200,000 uninsured Americans eligible for coverage.

Asked for advice for Democrats worried about this year’s midterm elections, Obama said they have a story to tell, “they just have to tell it.”


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The Republican Party responds to Biden’s speech

GOP Chairwoman Rona McDaniel responded to President Joe Biden’s speech, saying, “Biden is promoting himself as a champion of workers – yet he has actively destroyed thousands of jobs through his mandates, shutdowns, and an anti-American energy agenda.”

Oliver O’ConnellApril 6, 2022 19:00


Biden criticizes Trump without naming him

President Joe Biden mocked the “last man” for his $2 trillion tax cut, pretending to forget Donald Trump’s name because he “forgot to come to the inauguration” to applause and laughter from the union crowd.

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Capitol Hill Fox Euthanasia

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Biden shoots crossbow at Amazon in union speech

While praising the virtues of unions, President Joe Biden received a standing ovation from the North American Construction Trade Union Conference: “By the way, we’ve come Amazon. Watch! Watch!”

Oliver O’ConnellApril 6 2022 18:29


Biden casts shadows on Matt Gates over Sec Def interrogation in Ukraine

Oliver O’ConnellApril 6, 2022 18:26


Biden promotes Russia sanctions to union fan applause

President Joe Biden received a standing ovation from the public at the North American Construction Workers Union at the Washington Hilton.

He began with remarks about Ukraine calling for Russia to commit “major war crimes” and promoting new sanctions.


He adds that the steps already taken are expected to reduce Russia’s GDP by double digits this year alone.

Our sanctions will likely erase Russia’s economic gains over the past fifteen years. And because we have prevented Russia from importing technologies such as semiconductors, cryptographic security, and critical components of quantum technology that they need to compete in the twenty-first century, we will stifle Russia’s ability to grow its economy for years to come. “

We close any accounts and any funds held by those banks in the United States. “They won’t be able to touch any of their money,” he said of Russia’s two largest banks.

“These few are not allowed to keep their yachts and their fortunes, while in Ukraine children are killed or forced to leave their homes every day.”

He ends the part on Russia, and concludes with a rallying cry: “And by the way, if I’m going to war, I’ll go with you guys. I mean it.”

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Biden says Russia is committing ‘major war crimes’ in Ukraine

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Live – Biden addresses construction workers unions in North America

Watch the live broadcast as Biden addresses North American construction unions

Oliver O’ConnellApril 6 2022 17:48


What happens if the Senate Covid-19 relief bill fails?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell He said an adjustment would likely be needed to address the policy. But Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer criticized the bloc’s Republican senators in remarks Hall.

Eric Garcia reviews what is at stake if the bill fails.

Oliver O’ConnellApril 6 2022 17:35

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