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Updated: Deadline has exclusively learned that the theatrical release date for Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour It feels like it’s December 1st, the post-Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend window that’s usually a dead zone at the box office. AMC did not respond to a request for comment. It’s interesting that AMC is looking to hit a grand slam in 2023 given that the 2024 theatrical release calendar will be significantly impacted by films being pushed due to the actors’ strike. On December 1, 20th Century Studios will present the wide release of the Tom Hardy, Jodie Comer and Austin Butler film directed by Jeff Nichols. Cyclists While Lionsgate has John Woo’s first American film in 20 years, A quiet night. It wouldn’t be a shock if they moved.

Previous, 11:20 a.m.: Capitalize on the anticipated big screen fever Taylor Swift: Tour of the Ages, We heard a lot of buzz this morning that AMC’s next big concert movie is… Beyoncé: Renaissance World Tour, Which was another hard-to-get event ticket last year as well as Swift.

There were reports that Beyoncé was fired Renaissance World Tour In her hometown of Houston, Texas, in late September for two days.

Word is that Beyoncé is bound to make an announcement as early as tomorrow Renaissance It stops in Kansas City, Missouri, about 16 miles from Exhibitor No. 1 at its global headquarters in Leawood. We understand that the status of this is that AMC is still in talks about this theatrical release and it is a similar setup to Tour of the ages With the circuit mainly distributed to all the other big exhibitors such as Regal, Cinemark, Marcus etc and the independent distributor Variance booking. Deadline understands that Beyoncé’s concert film has been shopped.

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If this works, it’s another great shot by AMC Boss Adam Aaron saving cinema at a time when the 2024 theatrical release schedule could be further shaken up by the ongoing actors’ strike. Even if the actors’ strike ends this month, multiple sources have told Deadline that filming on many films won’t begin until 2024, and that current release dates could be pushed back. With Legendary/Warner Brothers. Sand Dunes: Part Two Leaving the first weekend of November this year for March 2024 due to the cast of Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, Florence Pugh and Austin Butler being unable to promote, Aaron swooped in and made a deal the Swift family couldn’t refuse to get a big cut. Of the total Tour of the ages (up to 57% shared between Swift and AMC), giving October a must-see event starting October 13. Pre-sales two weeks ago in the United States, Canada and Mexico reached $65 million with an expected domestic opening of Tour of the ages Being extremely wild between $75 million – $125 million.

Similar to Swift tour of the ages, Beyonce Renaissance World Tour It is one of the singer’s highest grossing titles of over half a billion dollars to date. The tour is in support of her seventh studio album Renaissance. Beyoncé has won 32 Grammy Awards and received an Academy Award nomination for original song King Richard

AMC did not return a request for comment. Variety beat us to the news.

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