Banning old Apple and Google apps will cut each store by a third


Both members of our favorite mobile monopoly, Google and Apple, recently announced plans to weed out old apps in their respective app stores. Last month, both companies decided to remove any app that had not been updated in two years. in early April, Google announced A two-year cut plan will start in November, and later this month, Apple Email developers, by giving them 30 days’ notice to update or remove. It’s hard to know what two-year-old apps will look like, so how many apps are we talking about exactly?

cnet It has data from analyst firm Pixalate, which says the two-year hiatus will remove 869,000 apps from Google Play and about 650,000 from the App Store. That’s about a third of each store’s current total app selection. These numbers will change Google Play from 2.6 million apps to 1.7 million and the App Store from 1.95 million to 1.3 million.

This Google number is an estimate since Google officially stated that the separation point is two years. Apple has not publicly specified a cut-off point. The company has only sent developers in person, saying it removes apps that “haven’t been updated in a long period of time,” but Some Developers This date has been tied for two years.

Both app store owners have a strong case for doing this – that old apps are of lower quality and more vulnerable to exploitation. Many Developers Let’s assume that such an approach will lead to collateral damage. Not every two-year-old app is broken. Not every app in the world is a straightforward service that will be forever updated, and a model like this doesn’t work in a free project. Android users will always have alternative and alternative app stores, but Apple users will lose access to apps that have been deleted.

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