Bam Margera reaches a one-month sober milestone: skating again


Bam Margera

One month sober

…Skating like a pro again

Bam Margera He’s had a remarkable milestone on his road to recovery…we’re told he’s been sober for a month and is even going to the skate park again.

Sources close to Bam told TMZ… Bam recently hit the one-month mark and is living on a farm owned by another professional skateboarder outside of Philadelphia.

We were told that he was at the farm with his girlfriend, Danny — The two have been going to the gym every day and walking their dogs, and Pam has lost a lot of weight… giving him the ability to start skating again, and he’s making it look easy again.


Our sources say he would love to get back into the sport, but more importantly he maintained a tight circle of friends and positive influences. Dani even gave him an ultimatum that seemed to help him – he chose her because of the booze.

We’re told the former “Jackass” star feels like this is the first time he’s wanted to get sober for himself… instead of being forced by family or friends through an intervention.

As we mentioned, Pam was in a legal battle with his estranged wife, Nikkito have custody of their 5-year-old child, Phoenix — it was Granting temporary sole custody The boy was killed last month, after he was arrested and martyred separately Cases of general poisoning. Pam was able to FaceTime with Phoenix 4 times a week.

BTW, Brother Pam, Jesswhich was revealed earlier this year that Pam destroyed the guitar they got from him Billy Idol In a fit of rage. We’re told that Pam and Danny spent time with the singer in Philadelphia last weekend after a concert, and Billy actually signed a new guitar for him.

Well done Pam…keep it up.

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