A major scandal befalls celebrity Rose! [RD/KP15]

You can’t get enough of these girls.

RD/KP15-JP008 Celebrity Rose Wiz
Level 1 Lightcaster Effect Monster
Attack 1000
Defender 0
[REQUIREMENT] Usable during a turn, this card is Normal Summoned by revealing one Lightcaster monster or Spell Card from your hand.
[EFFECT] Send the top 4 cards of your deck to the Graveyard, then you can choose up to 1 card each of “Celeb Rose Magician”, “Celeb Rose Witch”, and/or “Fusion” from among the cards sent to the Graveyard with this effect. And add them to the hand.

RD/KP15-JP009 Dark Paparazzi
Level 2 Dark Magic Caster Effect Monster
ATK 800
Defender 800
[REQUIREMENT] If there are 10 or more cards in your Deck and you control a Spellcaster monster of Level 5 or higher, this can be used by shuffling 3 Spellcaster monsters with the same attribute from the Graveyard into the Deck.
[EFFECT] Draw equal cards [The number of face-up Level 7 or higher monsters] Your opponent takes control.

RD/KP15-JP038 Celebrity Rose Gossip Witch
Level 9 Light Magic Fusion Effect Beast
ATK 2400
Defender 1200
Material: “Pink Celebrity Witch” + “Dark Paparazzi”
[EFFECT] Choose one Spell or Trap card your opponent controls and destroy it. If you control a face-up spell card, you can draw one card.

RD/KP15-JP039 Celebrity Rose Gossip Magician
Level 9 Light Magic Fusion Effect Beast
ATK 2600
DEV 1600
Material: “Pink Celebrity Magician” + “Dark Paparazzi”
[CONTINUOUS EFFECT] This card gains 400 ATK x [The number of Equip Spell Cards] In your GY. If you control a face-up magic card, this card cannot be destroyed by battle.

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