M2 Ultra Chip benchmark results reveal impressive performance gains

the First reference results Apple’s new M2 Ultra chip has been featured on Geekbench 6, providing a closer look at CPU performance improvements. The advanced chip is available in the new Mac Studio and Mac Pro models launching next week.

Currently there is some discrepancy in the results, but the Mac Studio with the M2 Ultra chip appears to have single-core and multi-core scores of around 2,800 and 21,700, respectively. As expected, these results confirm that the M2 Ultra chip delivers up to 20% faster CPU performance than the M1 Ultra chip, as announced by Apple. This also means that the M2 Ultra is now the fastest chip Apple has ever launched.

The Geekbench M2 Ultra

Geekbench 6 score for Mac Studio with M2 Ultra chip

Even more interesting, the results reveal that the new Mac Pro should have a CPU performance that’s about 2x faster than The fastest Intel-based Mac Pro With a 28-core Xeon W processor. This feat is even more impressive considering the new Mac Pro starts at $6,999, while the 28-core-based model started at $12,999, nearly twice the price. During the WWDC keynote, Apple said the new Mac Pro is three times faster than the Intel-based model, but that only applies to select “real-world professional workflows like video transcoding and 3D simulation.”

The main reason to consider the Mac Pro over the Mac Studio is the six PCIe expansion slots available for the desktop tower. Otherwise, customers should consider the Mac Studio, as it can be configured with the M2 Ultra for $3,000 less than the Mac Pro. For a more detailed comparison, read Mac Studio vs. Mac Pro Buyer’s Guide.

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The new Mac Studio and Mac Pro are available to order now, and will begin arriving to customers and launching in stores on Tuesday, June 13.

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