7 dinner roll recipes featuring chicken, beans, vegetables, and more

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There is something fun and inherently spontaneous about a hand-held meal, and rolls are no exception. Take them with you on the go in your lunch box, stuff them into a pretty basket to enjoy outside or eat them while picnicking in the living room in front of the TV (for my child, this is the height of luxury).

One of the other great things about lids is how versatile they are. You can put any kind of filling in it, including meat, vegetables, and spreads. Outside, keep in mind BetasLavash and Regag. Below you will find a selection of wrap recipes from Our archiveswhich you can do as written or mix and match to create the perfect overall presentation.

Greek chicken wrap, above. I’ve made this recipe a few times, and it’s a winner. You’ll get the full flavor of souvlaki when you use a large, soft pita bread as a topping.

Avocado and white bean salad rolls. The basis of this meatless meal is a simple white bean mash that uses canned or home-cooked beans. It’s a great wrap to put in your lunch bag to bring to the office.

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Mediterranean wheels. These baby-friendly wheels use only four ingredients: goat cheese or chickpeas, tortillas, roasted red peppers, and dried dill. A variation on the roll designed for adults adds mashed chickpeas and fresh herbs.

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tortilla egg rolls. One of our most sought-after recipes as of 2020 is the quick and smart recipes by “Great British Baking Show” winner Nadia Hussain. They are collected in a frying pan and then rolled up before eating.

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Hummus rolls with zucchini and grilled dukkah. You’ll get a variety of crunchy, creamy, and crisp textures in this veggie wrap starring a blend of Middle Eastern seeds and spices known as dukkah.

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French Dipping Pins. Here’s a dish that balances elegance and relaxation, in which “thin slices of lean meat, mushrooms, garlic and fresh spinach are wrapped in a whole grain roll.” Nourished columnist Elie Krieger Says. Bonus: It’s made in one pan.

Banana wrap with refreshing black beans. Canned beans are making an appearance again, this time in a spiced spread paired with huge fried banana trees.

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