40 Don’t Worry Darling’s crew members release a joint statement denying the drama being set

do not worry my love

40 crew members who worked on Olivia Wilde’s new movie do not worry my love They issued a joint statement today, praising Wilde as “A great leader and director who was present and involved in every aspect of the production,” he denies The screaming match reported on the website Between Wilde and star Florence Pugh it never happened.

“There has never been a yell between our director and anyone, let alone one of our cast members,” read the statement signed by people at every level of the film’s production, including writer and producer Katie Silberman, director of photography. Matthew Lipatick, Executive Producer Alex G. Scott, as well as electricians, lighting technicians, makeup artists, and others who worked on the film’s set.

Here is more statement, for every People:

As a crew, we’ve avoided addressing the silly gossip surrounding the film that we’re so proud of, but feel the need to correct for the anonymous “sources.” Recently moved Article – Commodity. Any allegations about unprofessional behavior on the set do not worry my love Absolutely wrong. We are happy to put our names on this, as real people who worked on the film, who witnessed and benefited from the collaborative and safe space that Olivia created as a Director and leader.

The statement comes just as do not worry my love It hits cinemas – where it’s expected to fetch around $20 million this weekend – and everyone involved seems to be making an effort to back off. Drama surrounding the movie. Pugh herself – who supposedly refused to do any official press for the film – was put down Instagram post last night She talks fondly about her experience filming it, and including it A picture of her and Wilde together in character. (Wilde did something similar.)

You can see the full list of all 40 signatories to the statement below.

Chris Pugh, Site Manager

Josh Brammer, Master of Property

Katie Byron, Production Designer

Matthew Lipatick, Director of Photography

Steve Morrow, audio mixer

Ariane Phillips, fashion designer

Alex J Scott, Executive Producer

Katie Silberman, Writer/Producer

Heba Thorsdottir, Head of Make-up Department

Eliana Alkolomari, Production Assistant

Marie Florence Brown, Artistic Director

Monica Chamberlain, Assistant Fashion Designer

Konrad Curtis, second assistant director

Rafael de Vibo, assistant real estate master

Rachel Ferrara, interior designer

Jake Ferrero, Lighting Technician

Jeff Ferrero, Forgiver

Zack Jolla, wardrobe set

Yanni Gutierrez, Production Assistant

David Hecht, Assistant Estate Owner

Becca Holstein, Assistant Director

Nick Jones, programmer

Michael Kalita, boom operator

Gerardo Lara, Electrician

JB Leconte, Rig programmer

Lexi Lee, wardrobe set

Jun Mang, Fist of Dolly

Mark Mann, the best boy

Gideon Markham, lighting programmer

Alex Mazikian, graphic artist

Melissa McSorley, food stylist

Brian Mendoza, voiceover

Luis Moreno, Forgery Forgery

Noel Pinola, wardrobe collection

Scott Sakamoto, camera operator

Chris Scharfenberg, wardrobe set

Grace Shaw, Production Assistant

Alexander Zoch, electrician

Erica Toth, Artistic Director

Tricia Yu, fashion designer

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