Becky G got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Sebastian Lletget

Becky G And the Sebastian Letgett forever!

The 25-year-old “Volanito” singer surprised fans on Friday when she did just that Advertise on Instagram She was engaged to her longtime boyfriend and football star Lletget.

“Our place is forever,” Becky G wrote alongside the post. , which included photos of 30-year-old Letilette proposing on one knee, the couple embracing and a selfie in which they ecstatically show off her rock.

In October, the singer of “Mayors” It opened its doors to people on her six-year relationship with Lletget, revealing how she keeps things “quite fresh.”

“I think a lot of people think relationships just happen — they don’t just happen. Being in love is one thing, and I think staying in love is another,” Becky G said at the time. “I am very proud of the fact that he is my best friend.”

She continued, “We’ve been together for over six years now and it’s so new in a lot of ways because we really embrace the shifts and changes that are happening in our lives, within ourselves and we support each other in that. And you can’t really force things. But lately things have been really aligning.”

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Meanwhile, in October 2021, Becky G told People they bonded with their Latino identity — and it was cool to watch. Do the same with her family.

He can communicate with abuelitos. He’s cute. It’s really cool, said the “Shower” singer. “I think it’s just a different connection when someone relates to your culture. But even then, there are a lot of differences within the Latino community.”

She added, with a laugh, “Culturally, there’s a lot that makes us stand apart, learn from each other. He’s an honorary Mexican at this point.” “It really is. My family has totally embraced it, for sure.”

The “Sin Pajama” singer met Lletget through mutual friends when she was filming power Rangers With Naomi Scott, a.k.a J-14 Reported from a 2017 radio interview with Mega 96.3. For Becky G, their friendship has been the foundation ever since.

Sebastian Letgett and Becky J.
Fraser Harrison/Getty

“There’s this mutual respect for each other and it’s always been there since the beginning and we see each other as equals – it really makes a difference. I don’t believe in gender roles. I always told him I’d pay for dates sometimes,” she told PEOPLE in November 2020. “I told him, ‘I work too, I work hard and if I want to treat you, I can treat you and I hope it doesn’t make you feel weird.'” And he always had that respect as well as admiration for my currency. We get on with each other a lot, because he started working at such a young age. We both know the sacrifices we made and so do our families.

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During the pandemic, it was the simple things that kept them going strong.

“Put it in the context of 2020, and it was tough, man. It was really, really hard in a lot of ways, but in the context of our relationship, it was the biggest blessing because we weren’t really able to spend time like that together.”

The “Dolores” singer concluded, “It’s beautiful because now I’m cooking more than ever. We hang out, watch movies, meditate together. I don’t want to say dream script, because nothing’s perfect but if I’m going to put my heart into something, especially Relationship When so many other things in my life are crazy and hectic, that’s the most beautiful situation anyone can be in, because we have such love and respect for each other.”

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