34 million people have played the best Assassin’s Creed game ever

10 years ago, Ubisoft was launched Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, an open-world pirate-themed RPG that paved the way for the modern iteration of the long-running series by revitalizing open-world exploration and adding fantastic naval combat. At that time, millions of people played the game.

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Ubisoft took to X (formerly known as Twitter, or whatever Elon Musk would change his social media name to at midnight) on October 29 to announce that More than 34 million people I played Black flag Since its launch in 2013.

That’s an amazing number of players for any game, especially one that’s a decade old. but Black flag He has aged better than most. It puts you in the shoes of the Welsh pirate turned murderer Edward Kenway As he explores the Caribbean seas of the early 17th century to uncover an ancient mystery.

Whereas the previous one, Assassin’s Creed IIII gave you a ship to pilot, Black flag Expanded on the limited use of the ship, with exciting naval battles that allowed you to dodge cannon fire and board ships to drown them in the deep blue. It also improved in some Assassin’s Creed IIIFlaws, such as allowing you to freely enter and exit your ship without waiting for a loading screen, and less emphasis on modern-day storytelling so you can stab people to your heart’s content. This was the first game in the series to explore piracy, which Ubisoft brought back and improved in 2020. Assassin’s Creed Valhallawhich included powerful ship sailing and village plundering mechanics.

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In fact, the ship’s steering wheel was made by him Black flag Very revered. As before Kotaku Employee Luke Plunkett wrote this in December 2017 Doctrine killer The game is great becauseHow beautiful it was to simply sail over a calm sea in the middle of the night“And he’s not wrong. Black flag It really blew the door wide open on our expectations for what Doctrine killer That could be partly thanks to the crow. Ubisoft’s worlds are usually huge, however Black flagThe width of the Caribbean was exceptionally huge with connected waterways that could only be crossed by sea. The vastness of the ocean gave the game an eerie sense of isolation and excitement, as you would never know what lurked in the distance ahead or below you. Ubisoft’s bloated design ethos may be getting old, however Black flag It felt like lighting in a bottle.

Many people have reflected fondly on it Black flag To mark the occasion, many of them shared their memories of the match Ubisoft mentions. Black flag It is ranked among the best Doctrine killer The game continues to this day, and has almost reached the top KotakuVery Special Rank List.

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While most people were feeling foggy Black flagSome were hoping that Ubisoft would either drop a current-gen patch for PS5 and Xbox Series Kotaku I reported earlier this year that a Black flag remake It’s in the works, but Ubisoft hasn’t officially confirmed it yet. Let’s just hope it’s not stuck in Davy Jones’s Locker in the same way the MIA RPG continues to be Skull and bones He was.

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