2024 Aston Martin Vantage GT3 unveiled ahead of its WEC debut

Aston Martin has officially revealed its new 2024 Vantage GT3 alongside the international debut of the British manufacturer's new Vantage road model.

The reveal comes after the new Vantage GT3 made its world racing debut in January at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, but ahead of its first race in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) in Qatar next month.

The 2024 Vantage GT3 is a comprehensive evolution of the recently retired Vantage AMR GTE and GT3, which debuted in 2018.

Sharing its mechanical architecture – and that of the new Vantage road car – this car is built around Aston Martin's aluminum body structure and is powered by the same 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine.

It features an all-new nose-to-tail aerodynamic package, a comprehensively revised suspension system, and modern electronics.

The nose itself is a large, one-piece clamshell made of carbon fibre, with a quick-release design for easy removal and quick replacement. It has a full width laser light and a shorter splitter. The effect of this, Aston Martin says, moves the center of pressure rearward to reduce pitch sensitivity and aid stability.

Large openings at the top of the front wheel arches also vent high-pressure air to reduce lift, with a larger set of openings in the rear arches allowing high pressure to escape at the rear to reduce drag.

“The simultaneous unveiling of the new Vantage and Vantage GT3 race cars underscores Aston Martin’s commitment to building the best sports car in the world, and then proving its capabilities on the track,” said Marco Mattiacci, Aston Martin’s global head of brand and chief commercial officer.

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“It also signals a closer relationship between our road and race programmes, with Aston Martin Racing benefiting from the exceptional pool of talent, experience and know-how built in Formula 1 and located across Aston Martin Performance Technologies.

“The result is a truly cutting-edge GT race car; a car that clearly shares its DNA with the latest Vantage road cars, yet has been perfectly developed to fit the latest GT3 regulations.

“Derived from a succession of world championship-winning predecessors, the new Vantage GT3 has proven itself irresistible against an impressive international roster of leading GT racing teams. Hungry for victory and ready to build on Aston Martin’s exceptional track record, the world’s greatest endurance racing races take place.” Within sight of the Vantage GT3.

It has been designed to comply with all FIA GT3 class regulations, including the new LMGT3 class for 2024 in which torque sensors are mandatory. It is also the first product to come from the collaboration between Aston Martin Racing (AMR) and Aston Martin Performance Technologies (AMPT).

“The new GT3 is our first opportunity to use AMPT to play a role in leveraging the capabilities, attitudes and methodologies of all the different nerve centers at Aston Martin, which we have then combined with AMR’s unparalleled GT program management expertise,” he added. Adam Carter, Head of Endurance Sports at Aston Martin.

“The GT racing program will serve as a development laboratory that will lead to an increased transfer of knowledge and approach into future Aston Martin cars.”

Aston Martin says the new Vantage GT3's upgrades focus on “addressing some of the older car's more challenging handling characteristics, to make the new GT3 as drivable as possible for both professional and amateur drivers alike.”

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Its extensive testing program – which included more than 12,000 kilometers of running and included a 30-hour test – was completed late last year with a group of Aston Martin factory drivers, as well as selected enthusiasts taking the wheel.

“The focus for the new Vantage GT3 was to increase the performance window and make something that could work on any track, on any tire and with any driver. We also had to work within the regulations,” explained Gustavo Betelli, Aston Martin Racing’s Head of Performance. “So this required additional changes.”

“This new generation of GT3 cars relies more than ever on aerodynamic force, so we wanted to make the car more stable under braking. The old car was diving a lot under braking, so we had to try to control the pitch with the rear suspension. But this meant it was harsh, which made it very fast and also put a burden on the tires.

“By working extensively on tuning the dampers, we have found a much better balance with the new car so that we can generate downforce without compromising the suspension settings. The result is a significant improvement in progress and greater stability in all conditions. It also operates its tires more evenly, So that teams have more options regarding strategy.

“The feedback from the drivers who tested it was very positive. Especially the amateur racers, who were able to achieve lap times much closer to the professionals.

“Now we need to go racing!”

Aston Martin is targeting 30 customer deliveries (including upgrade kits for customers looking to upgrade their existing cars) during the 2024 calendar year.

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In addition to the Magnus Racing and Heart Of Racing programs in IMSA GTD already underway, the car has also been confirmed for participation in the FIA ​​WEC and GT World Challenge Europe. Heart of Racing and D'Station Racing will compete in the WEC's new LMGT3 class, while Comtoyou Racing and Walkenhorst Motorsport have been confirmed to participate in the European SRO programmes.

The car's base price is expected to be £575,000, with a cost per kilometer “in line with the outgoing model”.

Images courtesy of Aston Martin

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