YouTuber Jack Doherty’s security guard beats up a partygoer in a violent confrontation with Corinna Kopf’s crew at a lavish Halloween party

By Alicia Stanford for Dailymail.Com

21:30 28 October 2023, updated 22:14 28 October 2023

YouTube star Jack Doherty may be looking for some new muscle after a brawl in Los Angeles on Friday.

The social media star, 20, and his friend Blueface, were attending a huge Halloween party thrown by fellow internet star David Dobrik, 27, with entertainment provided by Snoop Dogg.

Everything seemed to be going well until Jack confronted fellow influencer Corinna Kopf about the perceived snub.

The social media darling attended the party dressed as a Hooters waitress and her crew members sported 80s-style attire with accompanying big hair.

The security guard’s name is Ken Kong, according to what he said TMZapproached the group, and Jack could be heard telling him to “relax.”

SOLID CONFRONT: A disputed snub between social media stars Corinna Kopf, 27, and Jack Doherty, 20, led to a violent confrontation Friday night in Los Angeles; Kopf was seen with David Dobrik
Violent confrontation: Doherty security caught on video punching a member of Kopf’s entourage and getting into a violent confrontation at a Halloween party

Ken backed down for a moment, but someone in Corinna’s entourage apparently said something that enraged him, and the guard was seen delivering a punch that flattened the man.

“My security just kicked a guy live on my ass…” Jack posted in a short clip on X, formerly known as Twitter.

However, a longer version of the events shared by someone with the handle Fear Buck shows the tough guy retreating after being confronted by Corrina and another woman dressed as the superhero.

“The entire altercation resulted in one of Corinna Kopf’s entourage being beaten by Jack Doherty’s security,” he wrote.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Ken Kong has let his fists do the talking.

When the tough guy was working for Da Baby in 2019, he was caught on video punching a fan who got too close to the Suge singer, according to the outlet.

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He explained that away from doing his job at the time.

Kane has not made any public comment about Friday’s altercation, but the content creator, who collaborates with Fashion Nova, has come under fire for his behavior in some recent posts featuring the retailer’s clothing.

Entertainment: Snoop Dogg provided entertainment at the party, which was hosted by internet star David Dobrik, 27
“My security kicked a guy out on live TV after kicking me?” Jack posted a short clip about the confrontation on X, formerly known as Twitter
Full story: Another X user with the handle Fear Buck posted a longer version of the fracas online
Retreat: The longer video shows the strongman retreating after being confronted by Corrina and another woman dressed as a superhero

“Have fun in prison,” one critic wrote. Another wrote: “Can’t wait for you to serve your prison sentence.”

There is no information yet on possible police charges.

Some comments were more supportive.

“All the white people are crying in the comments…. He’s kicking the beh out too… And he’s still here.” Keep doing it because you!!’ Moayad wrote. “That was for our fathers,” said another.

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