Yakuza name is officially dead, Sega is rebranding

Kazuma Kiryu

screenshot: Sega

the first yakuza The game was fully released in 2006, the brand Recently used in 2020 Yakuza: Like a dragon. Across eight major editions And a number of pop-up companies, the name has become synonymous with Sharp suits, hour-long cinematic scenes and smashing bikes in dude faces, but as Sega prepares to welcome a whole new generation of games into the series, it’s also choosing this moment to say Goodbye to the name.

You may have noticed the new games announced earlier this week, from historical episodic games to modern episodics to the ninth entry. In the main seriesthey all had one thing in common: Sega called them all”like a dragon“While we still called them”yakuza‘, partly because old habits are so hard to break, but also because we know just that we They still call them yakuza games, and so do most of you (I’m even referring to Rule games like yakuza headlines, just because they help).

I called Sega today to clarify, and their answer was clear: yakuza The name is nothing more. For these three games, and for every new title in the series moving forward, they’ll all carry over”like a dragon“Brand instead, so that, I was told, closely aligned with the Japanese name.”

Japanese gamers will probably be wondering what the big deal is, because in the home of the series, both the games themselves and the development studio behind them You have Always summoned Ryū ga Gotoku/龍 が 如 which in English means…like a dragon. So in Japan there will be no need to change, only Western versions will be carried brand new.

As you can see now, Yakuza 7 Full address in the WestYakuza: Like a dragon-It was actually A little bit of Messbut like the game itself looked at that timeIt was also the perfect way to say goodbye to the elderly yakuza Name during dilution us all in like a dragon future.

goodbye, then, yakuzaThanks for all the memories. I was definitely shorter, Snappy and more fun to say who Like a dragon.

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