Xbox owns the studio for Doom: The Dark Ages, but Phil Spencer says the FPS is coming to PS5 because Doom is a “franchise everyone deserves to play.”

Despite Microsoft’s recent spate of high-profile Xbox exclusives, including Starfield, Xbox head Phil Spencer says Doom: The Dark Ages is coming to PS5 because it’s “a franchise everyone deserves to play.”

While speaking on IGN Live, Spencer was asked why Doom: The Dark Ages, a slight medieval twist on the popular FPS series that was announced earlier today during the Xbox Games Showcase, is coming to PS5. This multi-console release is a clear departure from Xbox’s recent strategy, which has seen many games released in the wake of the company’s purchase of Zenimax Media only release on PC and Xbox. Both Starfield and Redfall are exclusive to the Xbox console, with games like Avowed, Indiana Jones, and the Great Circle set to follow suit.

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