WORST WE’VE EVER SEEN – Dana White details Jerry Prochazka’s injury

Fate has not been kind to Jiri Prochazka this year. The Czech fighter was unable to defend the UFC light heavyweight title he won in June against Glover Teixeira after being He had to give it up due to a shoulder injury That would keep it shelved indefinitely.

Not many details were made public about what happened, until recently, when UFC President Dana White sat down with Buddy Pemblitt on a podcast. He says it happened in the gym when Prochazka’s trainers were trying to do some self-repair for an already injured shoulder.

“That night when it all fell down and our doctor was looking at it, the doctor said literally in all his years in the UFC, that’s the worst shoulder injury we’ve ever seen.

“It’s too bad and because he was wild, he still wanted to fight. He said, ‘I can do that…’ No, you can’t fight, kid.

“What happened is he showed up, and he had some guys over there in the gym (who tried to get her back up again). And they ripped the shit out of him and wrecked his shoulder.”

Prochazka, who was (f still) Itching to prove his worth as rightful owner, he wanted to fight. However, White advised against doing so.

“That night when we were there and we were having the meeting, and we were talking about the possibility of fighting him again, he was like, ‘I think I can come back in five months…’ and all that crap. The doctor was with us too, and the doctor is like ‘You have to start. To be realistic about this.”

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“The thing I said to him was, ‘I don’t want to put that kind of pressure on you where you feel like you’re going to come back in five or six months and ruin your shoulder again.'” Take the time, do it right, get the right surgery.

“That night he decided I wasn’t going to stop the division, I was going to vacate the title.” stud.”

White then reminded Pemblett and all the other fighters to leave the rigging to the trained professionals, not their coaches.

“I told you, I told him, I say to all the fighters: If anything happens to you, jump out of the car and go to the hospital.

“We’re going to pay for everything… People think those guys at the gym can fix your shoulder, do this shit, that shit. Don’t even risk it. Just go to the hospital.”

Prochazka’s first defense of the title was supposed to headline UFC 282 this weekend, a rematch against Teixeira. Former champion Jan Balashović will now get a chance to regain the belt as he faces off against Magomed Ankalayev for the vacant title.

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