World Championship score: Phillies defeat the Astros in Game 3 as Bryce Harper and Kyle Schwarber leading the house escape barrage

The third game was well worth the wait for the Philadelphia Phillies. After rain forced a postponement of Game 3 on Monday, the Phillies and the Houston Astros were able to continue their world championships on Tuesday night at Citizens Bank Park, and the Phillies rode five runs to win 7-0 (Result square). They lead the best streak out of seven 2-1. The championship is two wins at Philadelphia.

Remarkably, Velez did not compete with a sprinter for the scoring position until the sixth inning, having already made a 7-0 lead. Bryce Harper opened the scoring with Homer from two rounds in the first, and the Phillies went on to take on Lance McCullers Jr. from there. Phillies are a perfect 6-0 at home in the postseason.

Here are some tips from the third game of the World Series.

1. Harper gave the Phillies the lead (again)

Before Game 3, the last move Harper saw was at Citizens Bank Park She sailed over the left field wall to get the green light to run in the eighth inning of NLCS Game 5. That was Homer’s banner. And on the first pitch that Harper saw in Game 3, He climbed into the right field seats. Homer on back-to-back pitches at home.

McCuller’s reaction tells you everything you need to know:

“I’m just trying to get a good show,” Harper said during an interview with “We faced them (McCollers) late in the year and saw him doing well. It’s a good team there, so being able to strike first is huge.”

The race at home was Harper’s sixth in the postseason and fourth for Homer in October. Only Albert Pujols has achieved more green light in a single season after the season is over. He had five in 2004. The Astros did well at curbing Harper in games 1 and 2 (2 vs. 8 with two singles and a walk), but it was only a matter of time until he took one of those game-changing flips. It came early in Game 3.

2. Bohm hit a master hummer

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the 1000th home run in the history of the World Championships. Alec Bohm honored:

The first home race in World Championship history was hit in the first game of the 1903, when Pittsburgh Pirates Jimmy Sebring took Cy Young from Boston the Americans. Si Young, eh? I can’t get over any more brand name than that. Tuesday’s third game marked the first time in World Championship history that a team scored three home runs in the first two, if you can believe it.

It should be noted that Harper summoned him before the bat-pat illusion, to the dug guardrail to impart some wisdom. Bohm hasn’t revealed what Harper told him during a hidden interview (why would he do that?), but Bryce has a reputation for being one of the game’s best at picking up accurate narratives in the shooter’s delivery. Is it possible that McCullers was walking in the third game?

3. The McCullers had a historically bad night

The Philly family was far from over after Harper and Boom beat up their mates. Brandon Marsh (solo), Kyle Schwarber (twice), and Rhys Hoskins (solo) took McCullers deep later in the game to give Philadelphia a 7-0 lead. McCullers is the first bowler in history to allow five home rounds in a World Championship game. Here’s Homer’s onslaught that made the game so elusive:

McCullers has never allowed more than three other players in one game in his career before Game Three. Philadelphia’s left hitters had 34 hits from Houston’s right-hand side, hit three hurdles, swung and only missed Once. The Phillies is the second team ever to have five different players delve into a World Series game, joining the 2017 Astros (Game 5).

To be fair to the McCullers, he may not have been in the game in the fifth inning, certainly not after Marsh slapped a single. He went through the lineup twice, looked shaky most of the night, and the Astros were still very much in the game, trailing 4-0. McCullers stayed put, Schwarber and Hoskins hit bombs in a row, and suddenly the game was out of reach.

4. Suarez was excellent

head portrait

The Ranger Suárez’s performance amid the running volley at home should not be forgotten. The 27-year-old Southpaw fired five stoppages against the high-powered Astros and only allowed four of the 19 hitters he encountered to hit the ball off the field (only three on the fly). Seven ground strokes, four strokes, four single strokes, and walking are permitted.

Houston has two main chances against Suarez. They put the sprinters on the corners with two outs in the second half, but Suarez froze Chas McCormick for the third hit. They then put the runners in first and second with two wins in fifth, but Jose Altov faltered and appeared in four areas. Quiet, calm and collected, Suárez got paid big when needed.

Once Schwarber and Hoskins broke the match open in the fifth inning, Phillies coach Rob Thompson was able to move to the second-division shorters for the win. Conor Brogdon got the sixth inning, Kyle Gibson got the seventh, Nick Nelson got the eighth, and Andrew Pilati got the ninth. Jose Alvarado and Ceranthon Dominguez (and Zach Evelyn and David Robertson) were halted tonight and will have a good rest in games 4 and 5. A win at the start.

5. The Philis dominated the house

The Fightin’ Phils are now perfect with a 6-0 score at Citizens Bank Park last October and they beat their opponents 17-6 – 17-6! In the six matches. No team has clashed more than 15 homes in a period of six home games in a single post-season period prior to the 2022 Phillies. What about that? Velez outperformed their opponent 42-15 in their six home matches after the season ended. Number 42 is the headline, but 15 reps are allowed with 2.50 reps per game. That’s perfect.

6. Next

Game 4. Historically, when the best seven out of seven are tied, the winner of Game 3 has gone on to win the series 69 percent of the time. This is good news for Phyllis. Game 4 Wednesday night at Citizens Bank Park. Starting Game 1 Aaron Nola (11-13, 3.25 ERA) and righty Cristian Javier (11-9, 2.94 ERA) are the scheduled starting pitchers.

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