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Wordle’s first weekend launch is on Saturday, March 26th. I don’t know about you, but since Wordle was bought by The New York Times, it seems like everyday puzzles are hard to solve. Wordle 280 is a very challenging puzzle, so don’t feel guilty about heading to the bottom of the page for a selection of spoiler-free hints to give you a boost. Good luck, and remember to check back for more clues tomorrow.

If you’re new to Wordle and not quite sure how it all works, here’s a little refresher on how to play.

The goal of Wordle is to learn a five-letter word in six attempts. If you get the answer wrong, you will have to wait for a new puzzle to come the next day.

If you want to solve it in as few attempts as possible, you will need to pay attention to the color of the tiles.

If the color of the square turns gray, the letter will not appear in the word you are guessing. If the tile turns yellow, then the letter you guessed is in the word, and not in the correct position. If the tile turns green, then the letter is in the word and in the right place.

The app keeps track of your stats, showing how many correct answers you’ve managed, and how fast you can solve the puzzle of the day – something that can be shared on social media for bragging rights.

Read on for Wordle 280 tips for March 26th…

General tips and advice about Wordle …

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• Do not use the same letter twice in your opening guess.

• Try to use a couple of vowels in your first guess, especially “a” and “e”.

• Avoid letters such as “X”, “Z” and “Q” until later, when you have a better idea of ​​the answer.

• “CRane” is a good word to start with, while “GHOUL” is a decent second guess.

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Wordle 280 Hints & Clues…

1. Wordle 280 begins with the letter E.

2. Wordle 280 contains only two vowels.

3. Wordle 280 contains one of the characters I already said to avoid.

4. No matter how many guesses I made, I couldn’t get anything fixed.

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