Winners and Losers Steelers vs. Ravens

Winners and losers from the Pittsburgh Steelers 16-14 loss to the Baltimore Ravens Sunday afternoon.

The winners

George Pickens: After a quiet and frustrating Week 13, Pickens hit back in big fashion against the Ravens. He opened things up with a 42-yard reception deep at the left sideline that set up Nagy Harris’ one-yard touchdown run. He followed it up with a 25-yard back shoulder catch on the left sideline, a contested catch. Good bounce to him and he does what he does best, winning vertically against corners. And the crows have some pretty overpowering goodies.

Cam Sutton: Good game for Sutton who played at his best early in this game with an early performance and a breakaway from TE Mark Andrews on Baltimore’s opening possession. Sutton has become a solid open field player with some hitting power while the Steelers corners have been more physical and rambunctious in the LOS in recent weeks.

Chris Wormley: Nice game for Wormley but potentially not a nice day, as he left in the second half with a left knee injury. Prior to this point, he had a sack and forced a Pittsburgh fumble that unfortunately he could not recover. But Wormley always had success against his former team and the trend has continued. Fingers crossed he could see her again later this year in week 17.


Mitch Trubisky: Four incomplete. Three interceptions. This was the main line on Trubisky at one point in this game. much he did Next to Those costly shifts were good. But it was all overshadowed by fatal errors, two of which were in the red zone/red zone fringe. Pittsburgh went four straight games, a team record, without a turnover, and was a big reason they went 3-1. The ball cannot be turned over especially in close games such as those facing the Crows.

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The first pick may be less on Trubisky but the second two are certainly no excuses. He didn’t see the field well above the middle and was baited by Ravens athletes ILBs Roquan Smith and Patrick Queen.

Defense run: Pittsburgh struggled against the Ravens’ rushing offense throughout the year. Today was no different. Even without Lamar Jackson, Baltimore’s character hasn’t changed. nor their production. JK Dobbins went to work on his first play, breaking a 44-yard run in the gut that led to a four-yard score by him on the next play. The blame falls across the board and not just one player or unit. No one got off the cubes, no one played squirt games, and the guys came out of their holes.

By halftime, the Ravens were up to 127 yards and finished with more than 200 yards rushing for the third time in the last five meetings. unacceptable. She finished the game — and the Steelers’ season — with 220.

Presley Harvin III: Harvin finished last Sunday’s win over Atlanta with the best sweep of his career, a 47-yard touchdown run on the one-yard line. He did not have an encore performance. He had the worst kick of his career early in today’s game, a 17-yard run that was no good in the air and even worse a rebound, giving the Ravens the Steelers’ territory possession. Later, he had a punt that jumped into the end zone about 30 yards from the net. The contradiction continues.

Red zone attack: Miserable day when this team got into the 20. 2-4 doesn’t tell the whole story. A field goal, an interception, and a blocked field goal. Not to mention another international smart on the cusp of the red zone at Ravens 23. The easy points that should have been on the board changed the outcome of the game. Bad as bad gets.

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The descent at the end from Trubisky to Freiermuth was gentle. But it would have meant more if they had just finished one of these other engines.

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