Will Smith Explains Why Will Smith’s Oscar Slap Didn’t “Shake Her” So Bad

The long-term A list of the ways your parents might embarrass you, Chris Rock slapped on the Oscars stage In front of millions of viewers you will rank very high, you think.

But Willow Smith She seems relatively at peace with her father will SmithInfamous outburst, she broke her silence in her first public comments since the awards ceremony earlier this year.

talk with painting In an interview published Friday, Smith pondered the public’s reaction to the incident, which she said “didn’t shake me as much as it shakes my inner demons.”

“I see my entire family as human beings, and I love and accept them despite their humanity,” she told the outlet. “Because of the situation we are in, sometimes our humanity is not accepted, and we are expected to act in a way that does not lead to a healthy human life and is not conducive to being honest.”

Since the ceremony, Smith, who attended the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar party alongside her father, has been silent about Will’s actions except for a pair of cryptic tweets.

“The meaning of life is found in the challenge,” she said Wrote In one tweet days after the show. I wrote in “Life is a Chain Reaction” else.

Late last month, Will Smith He broke his months-long silence about the incident With a video statement, he once again regretted slapping Rock for a joke he made Jada Pinkett Smithhair loss;

The actor went on to apologize directly to his family for the “heat it brought us all,” while making it clear that Pinkett Smith had “nothing to do” with his decisions.

“I chose on my own, from my own experience and history with Chris,” Smith said.

In the aftermath of the slap, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences banned the “King Richard” star from attending their official events, including the award ceremony, for the next decade.

Pinkett Smith too Publicly addressed the slap During one episode of her show “Red Table Talk”, she urged Rock to reconcile with her husband.

“I hope these two smart and able men have the opportunity to heal and talk about it and reconcile,” she said. “The state of the world today? We need both, and we all need each other more than ever.”

However, the rock music Reportedly “overrun” the accident “You don’t need to talk,” an unknown source told People.

“This is obviously something that bothers Will more than Chris. He will need to deal with his issues,” the source said.

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