Will Smith: Actor Academy resignation after Chris Rock’s slap What does Oscar future mean?

Will Smith has Resigned from the academy After slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars – but what does that mean for the actor?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) is an organization that sets up nominations for the Oscars each year and ultimately determines the winners.

There are approximately 10,000 members, all of whom are expected to “improve the art and science of motion pictures.”

Five days after Smith took to the stage at the 2022 Oscars to rock the stage, comedian Zada ​​Pinkett has announced his resignation as a member following his mockery of Smith.

This follows several reports that the actor has faced disciplinary action from the academy.

But what does this mean for Smith now?

First, Smith will retain his Oscar for Best Actor, which he won for King Richard after the rock hit. He apologized during the academy Tear acceptance speech.

The resignation will not prevent Smith from attending future Oscars, which means the actor could be awarded the Best Actress award in 2023. Traditionally, previous year’s performance winners all returned to announce who would replace them as the latest recipients of the Best Awards.

If Smith gives another performance that academy members believe is worthy of the Oscars, they can still nominate him, meaning Smith could win more Oscars.

What all of Smith’s resignation means is that he has no idea what films he can recommend or whether he will win in the future. However, the academy’s president, David Rubin, said: “We will continue to pursue our disciplinary action against Mr Smith for violating the academy’s rules of conduct ahead of the next board meeting scheduled for April 18.”

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Will Smith Chris Rock left the academy after the Oscars

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In a statement, Smith called his actions “shocking, painful and unforgivable” and said the academy would accept “more consequences” that could still be decided.

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Read the actor’s resignation letter in full Here.

The comedian referred to Pinkett Smith as “GI Jane” because of his shaved head, in the belief that he was mocking his alopecia diagnosis, which was Smith’s intention to attack Rock.

When having rock He said “what happened yet” At the ceremony, a close source for the comedian “He knows nothing.” Pinkett Smith had alopecia.

On Friday (April 1), Denzel Washington spoke about the incident, Smith explained why he believes he was forced to hit the rock At the moment.

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