Why is it wrong to call Black Widow a useless avenger?

Natasha may not be Captain America, but this team wouldn’t have survived without her.

The MCU has a long history of making expensive movies that dazzle with their stunning visual effects and stunt action. Sometimes many famous heroes team up to save the world from the most dangerous evil.

But not all members of the Avengers are as excited as Iron Man or Captain America, for example.

And some viewers don’t really appreciate Black Widow, citing her lack of superpowers.

On a team filled with individuals who possess extraordinary abilities such as the godlike strength of Thor, the advanced technology of Iron Man, or the incredible brute strength of the Hulk, Black Widow’s reliance on her training and gadgets seems insufficient.

Black Widow’s backstory has been relatively neglected compared to the other Avengers. While characters like Thor and Iron Man have had their own standalone films exploring their origins and motivations prior to the Avengers, Black Widow’s film has been incredibly delayed.

In fact, Redditor NotHicamviaps notes that the only time Black Widow made sense was when she died of a soul stone.

But is this really the case? Some fans have a completely different opinion. They state that it was Black Widow who closed the portals, pacified the Hulk by turning him back on Bruce, and exposed Loki’s plot in the first Avengers movie.

Natasha made the necessary copy of the hard drive in Winter Soldier, put Captain America back in his shield in Age of Ultron, or helped Bucky escape in Civil War. And in the most important battle of the Avengers, she chose to sacrifice her life to save the humans.

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The Black Widow cannot be called useless because she has saved the team so many times. But some Redditors argue that it was Iron Man and Captain America who did their best to make the Avengers what they have become.

Of course, it’s hard to argue with that. The Tony Stark movie generally launched the MCU universe that has entertained audiences over the past decade, and Captain America is one of the most iconic heroes in comic books.

However, this in no way diminishes the merits of Black Widow. Without her control and key decisions, where would the Avengers team be today?

source: reddit

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