Why did Jenna Lyons join the rebooted RHONY?

Maggie Pollock, who wrote a book about J. Crew, reported that when the Fast Company issue was released, a high-ranking company executive (not Mr. Drexler, who denied knowledge of these events) sent “a team of employees to extract every problem they could find” from In order to reduce the impact of the story.

However, in the past five years, neither J. Crew nor Mrs. Lyons have achieved the same dizzying heights of importance that they have reached together. (She appeared in three episodes of “Girls.” Beyoncé attended the premiere of J. Crew at New York Fashion Week.)

Ms. Lyons has filled her days since then with gigs: brand collaborations (jewelry, furniture, lipstick), board appointments and a few interior design jobs. In 2018, it announced the release of partnership With Turner Entertainment which resulted in her one season spin-off, “Stylish With Jenna Lyons”. She joined Instagram in 2020 and, in her first month, posted pictures of her dog Popeye, some censored nudes and herself getting a lice treatment. After founding LoveSeen that year, inspired by her lack of eyelashes, her career gained some new momentum, but not as much as she’d hoped. “My star isn’t big enough to support this brand on her own,” she said.

Mrs. Pollock was still working on her book,”Prep KingdomAfter being “pivotal to the fashion conversation” as the designer was at J. Crew, “how do you go back to anonymity?” She said.

But for Ms. Lyons’ former colleagues, “getting on this other team was kind of unimaginable,” according to Ms. Bullock. “People who’ve worked with her in the past have been like, ‘Do you have some kind of mental breakdown?'” “

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There are famous people in the fashion world, like Mrs. Lyons, and then there are famous reality stars, like Bethenny Frankel, Nene Lakes, and Lisa Vanderpump. They each have more than three million followers on Instagram; Ms. Lyons has about 275,000. She vividly recalls one piece of advice Mr. Cohen gave while discussing the role: “All I can say is you can’t hide it. Once you’re on the show, you can’t hide.”

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