Who won ‘Big Brother 25’? Who won America’s Favorite HouseGuest?

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A houseguest won the $750,000 grand prize on “Big Brother 25” on Thursday.

We went into the night with only Matt Klutz, Jug Baines and Boy Jane remaining, as the three were ready to compete in the final Head of Household competition.

Here’s who won the 25th season of the long-running CBS show, as well as the winner of America’s Favorite Houseguest.

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Who won Season 25 of ‘Big Brother’ on Thursday?

Jag Pines He won the grand prize for the movie “Big Brother 25”.

Matt Klotz won Part 1 of the Head of Household final competition, earning a spot in the third round. Baines then won the second part to earn his place in the third round against Klutz.

Bains and Klotz each scored five points in the final portion of the HOH competition, but Bains won the tiebreaker and a spot in the final two. He voted to oust Boy Jin, taking Klutz with him to the final two.

Bains eventually won with a 5-2 vote.

Who won the AFP for “Big Brother”?

Cameron Hardin won America’s Favorite HouseGuest.

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