Where to find Lotad in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC

published: 2023-10-01T19:47:20

Updated: 2023-10-01T19:47:33

The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Teal Mask DLC brings back a lot of Generation 3 Pokemon, like Lotad and its evolutions Lombre and Ludicolo. Here’s how to find Water/Grass Pokemon in Kitakami.

Scarlet and Violet added a lot of ancient Pokémon that were not obtainable in the base game with The Teal Mask DLC.

Among the many Generation III Pokémon making a return are Seedot and Lotad, who can be considered counterparts to each other in Ruby & Sapphire. The two now return to Kitakami’s land, so players can catch up with them regardless of which version is being played.

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As such, let’s find out where to find the Water Weed Pokemon Lotad and how trainers can evolve it into both Lombre and Ludicolo.

Where to find Lotad in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

A lot can be found in living Around ponds and rivers throughout Kitakami. These include:

  • Sad Prairie (Crescent-shaped Pond)
  • Infernal Pass (lower grassy area at the bottom of the mountain)
  • Kitakami Wilds
  • Kitakami Hall (area behind the hall)
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Where to find Lombre in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Lombre can also be found near ponds and rivers. However, they are very rare and appear in slightly different locations such as:

  • Sad prairies
  • Kitakami Wilds
  • Eternal forest
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Where to find Ludicolo in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The crimson and purple Ludicolo cannot be found in the wild. This means that players will need to evolve a Nuzleaf to add one to their team.

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How to evolve Lotad into Lumber and Ludicolo

Lotad evolves into Lombre at level 14. This is easy enough, as you simply need to take the Seedot into battle or use up some experience points. Dessert.

To evolve Lombre into Ludicolo, you will need to use a Water Stone. If you don’t currently have one, we’ve got a handy guide on how to find all of the evolution items in Crimson and Violet, including stones.

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That’s everything you need to know about finding Lotad, Lombre, and Ludicolo in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet! If you found this helpful, check out our other Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides below:

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