When is the launch date of ULA's first Vulcan rocket with Astrobotic's private lunar lander on January 8?

Updated at 3:30 a.m. ET: United Launch Alliance successfully launched its first Vulcan Centaur rocket into space early on January 8, carrying the Astrobotic Peregrine lunar lander and human remains on a mission to the moon and deep space. The Peregrine lander separated as planned and is on its way to the Moon. Read our full story here. Above is ULA's live webcast of the final mission of the Vulcan Centaur upper stage to transport the Celestis Enterprise's payload of human remains and DNA from Star Trek actors and alumni into deep space.

After weeks of delays, United Launch Alliance is ready to launch its first-ever Vulcan rocket — a test flight that will also send a private lunar lander to the moon in another first — but if you're hoping to watch the historic launch, you'll need to know when and how. That's why, space enthusiasts, we've got you covered.

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