What happened to Wendy Williams?

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We're finally getting some answers about where Wendy Williams has been over the past few years. Before a new documentary about life – Where is Wendy Williams? -Williams family members spoke to the people About what the former talk show host has been through since we last saw her.

according to the peopleWilliams had been in a facility to treat “cognitive issues” since April 2023. In the documentary, her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., says doctors linked Williams' mental struggles to alcohol abuse. Williams has a court-appointed legal guardian whose identity is private, and according to her family, they are the only person with full access to her.

“The people who love her can't see her,” says Williams' sister, Wanda. the people Reports indicate that while Williams can contact her family, they cannot contact her and do not even know where she is.

Williams had been struggling publicly for years when she entered the facility. In 2017, she He fainted while dressed as the Statue of Liberty During the Halloween episode of her show. She went on to say that it was due to Graves' disease, an autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid gland. In March 2019, she revealed that she was Living in a sober houseA month later, she filed for divorce from her husband. In 2021, Williams did not return the The Wendy Williams Show. Instead, the show was hosted by a rotating series of guest hosts including Sherri Shepherd, Whitney Cummings, and Michelle Visage. In 2022, the The Wendy Williams Show Finished without Wendy Williams.

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Around the same time, her legal guardian was appointed, a move that continues to confound her family. “All I know is that Wendy and her team went in the courtroom one way, walked out, and the family was completely left out,” Williams' sister said. the people. Her guardian is the only person who has control over whether or not Williams can leave the health facility. The Williams family is not currently contesting the guardianship in court.

The documentary crew says they stopped filming once Williams entered the facility in 2023, but they continued working on the project.

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