What do you know if you want to see the coffin of the Queen in Edinburgh

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BBC Scotland News

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The Queen’s four vigil children stood at the coffin for a while while members of the crowd moved forward

The Queen’s sarcophagus is resting in Edinburgh, giving the public an opportunity to pay their respects.

She was treated from the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh to St Giles’ Cathedral on Monday afternoon.

Mourners are allowed to proceed until 15:00 on Tuesday 13 September after which Her Majesty the Queen will leave Scotland.

Additional trains were running through the night and officials say thousands joined the queue to see the coffin.

Will I need to get a ticket?

The queue to see the coffin is still very long.

Members of the public have to stand for long periods, perhaps several hours, with very little opportunity to be seated, as the queue will keep moving.

To help manage the line, bracelets are given and you will only be allowed to pay respects to the Queen if you have one.

Only one wristband will be issued per person and individuals will have to show up to receive one.

Step-free and accessible options are available for those who need them.

Where do I join the waiting list?

The queue begins at George Square Lane/North Meadow Walk in The Meadows.

Once you have the wristband, you will walk the designated path to the security tent at St Giles’ Cathedral.

The distance from his wrist entrance to St Giles’ Cathedral is 1.5 miles.

There is a mixed and challenging terrain due to the nature of the old city including gravel, steep cliffs, and uneven surfaces.

Will there be toilets?

Portable toilets will be available on the queue track and visitors will be able to leave the line for a reasonable amount of time to use the facilities.

Can I show my respect if I have accessibility issues?

There is an accessible parking system for blue badge holders.

Use of this system does not guarantee access to St Giles Cathedral, entry time will depend on the request. There will still be some queue.

If you need to use an accessible queue system, there will be a designated drop off point for vehicles located at the east end of Chambers Street which can be accessed via the South Bridge (Note that the bridge is closed to the north from Chambers Street onwards).

There will be no ability to wait in the drop-off area and personnel who disembark from the aircraft will be directed to proceed immediately.

There will be no reception point for the event due to road closures and accessibility issues in the surrounding area and you will need to make your own arrangements.

Will I get to St. Giles’ Cathedral, okay?

Stepless access will be available to those who need it at both the security check point and St Giles Cathedral.

Guide dogs, hearing dogs, and other official assistance dogs are allowed inside the cathedral although other animals are not allowed.

No wheelchairs will be provided for the previous file, more information about the cathedral can be found in this file website.

How will transportation be affected?

Scott Ryle urges passengers bound for Edinburgh to plan ahead as trains are expected to be very busy.

The train operator issued the following advice:

  • Passengers bound for St Giles’ Cathedral should travel to Edinburgh Waverley station, where supporting arrangements will be made. Due to the construction work being carried out in a building adjacent to Haymarket Station and its proximity to tram lines, passengers are advised not to use Haymarket Station if en route to St Giles Cathedral.
  • Queues are to be expected at some of the major stations, notably Edinburgh and Waverley. ScotRail and Network Rail urged passengers to be “patient and respectful” to the staff who “will work to their full potential to ensure that people are supported to pay their respects”.
  • You can plan in advance by downloading the ScotRail app or website For the latest service information, including first and last services.
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From 10:00 to 16:00 on Tuesday, there will be a 15-minute service between Edinburgh Waverley and Glasgow Queen Street. Trains will travel through Falkirk High in both directions from Monday night to Tuesday morning.

There will also be additional trolleys across the network for services to and from Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Tram will offer additional services to help residents and visitors show their respect.

Regular fares will apply and customers must purchase their tickets at the tram stops prior to boarding.

On September 13, when the Queen’s coffin leaves town in the afternoon, tram services will be asked to pause at the West End station until the crowds disperse and roads reopen.

Lothian Buses says it expects delays and road closures and has advised customers to plan ahead by checking website.

What should I bring?

  • Clothing to protect you from cold or wet weather
  • Food and beverages that must be consumed in the queue although they must be consumed or discarded before entering the security check point on the George IV Bridge. Clear water bottles are allowed, but their contents must be emptied before entering the security search point. There are limited places to buy refreshments along the way
  • Sunscreen, if necessary, which must be disposed of before entering the security search point
  • Mini portable charger for mobile phone
  • Medicines or essential equipment you need to keep with you. Please explain it to the security or police personnel at the security checkpoint so that they can check the items

What are the security measures in place?

Security measures will be taken to keep everyone safe.

Police may conduct security checks along portions of the queue.

Restrictions on bags and other items will be strictly enforced, with prohibited items confiscated.

If there is a security incident or you discover a suspicious item, alert the flight attendants or the police and follow their instructions.

What can’t I bring to the cathedral?

Prohibited items will be confiscated and will not be returned, and any prohibited items will be handled by the police.

None of the following items must be brought to a security check point or St Giles Cathedral.

  • Bags larger than 40cm x 30cm x 20cm in size, bags or backpacks with expandable compartments, bags or backpacks with multiple pockets or complex openings, hard-sided bags, or bags on wheels
  • Large items are carried in addition to bags. This includes sleeping bags, blankets, carrying bags, foldable chairs, camping gear and baby strollers.
  • Non-retractable awnings
  • Bottles – including reusable mineral water bottles
  • No food or liquids of any kind. Reusable clear plastic or glass water bottles are allowed but must be emptied before entering
  • Appreciation items including flowers, candles, soft toys and photographs
  • Medium to large sized cameras (including telescopic lenses), video recorders, and other similar sized electrical equipment
  • Personal defense equipment (eg, deciduous knives, butterfly knives, personal defense sprays) – items that are legal in some countries are not allowed in the UK and anyone found in possession of them is liable to arrest
  • Sharp tools including knives, Swiss Army knives, scissors, cutlery and screwdrivers
  • Paint sprayers, locks, chains and climbing gear
  • Fireworks, smoke packs, air horns, torches, laser whistles, and other items that can be used to make a nuisance or noise
  • Banners, banners, flags, and similar objects that can be used to cause disturbance

Where can I put flowers for the queen?

Flowers may be placed at Middle Meadow Walk and Holyrood House Palace but will not be allowed into St Giles Cathedral.

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