WGA Week 2 brings families to the sit-down – a diverse group

On May 2, the Writers Guild of America called a strike after negotiations with the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance failed. The first week was strong with strikes in New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta, with stunning production shutdowns. As the strike enters its second week, diverse Still reporting from picket lines.

Seventh day (May 8)


* Netflix’s sit-down Mother and Child Day drew a huge crowd, apparently showing that the second week’s crowds will be just as strong as the first week.

*diverse I spoke with Michelle Mulroney, the vice president of WGA West who brought her son, Matthew, to Mother’s and Baby’s Day, about what AMPTP needs to do to restart talks.

“I feel strong, because our members feel strong,” she said. “Our members are very educated about the reasons we’re out and the reasons we’re going. Every day, the leadership is well aware of the impact of the strike and the sacrifices required. But it’s a testament to how bad things are, unfortunately. Today you see a lot of parents saying, ‘I need to be able to pay the rent’.” To take care of my kids.” That’s really central to what we do. If you’re a writer who’s creating content that makes billions of dollars for studios, you really should be able to feed your kids, pay the rent and support your family. Those are very basic things.

“The DGA negotiations start on Wednesday, and we want them to have a really strong and fair contract. The SAG will be negotiating in a few weeks on their contract. We all share a lot of the same issues and concerns. I’ve said it before: All the leaders are saying this. We’re ready. I’ll be back after This appeared today if they wanted us there, if they were serious about addressing some issues that they had not taken seriously until now.”

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Reporting by Cynthia Littleton and Jazz Tangcay.

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