WGA and AMPTP meet again after Studio CEO meeting – Deadline

Talks continued but there was no sign of a breakthrough on Friday afternoon.

Deadline understands that the WGA reconvened with AMPTP earlier today, marking the fourth time the two sides have sat down this week to try to reach a deal that would end the writers’ strike.

The latest discussion between the Writers Guild and AMPTP comes after studio CEOs have spoken among themselves again as the likes of Netflix’s Ted Sarandos and Disney’s Dana Walden become more directly involved in the process. The bosses are trying to determine their next move in these negotiations as they try to find concessions for the writers.

Earlier this week, AMPTP made another bid for the book.

Rumors that the deal is done, sources tell Deadline, after many in the city began expressing optimism that a major breakthrough had been made.

However, the fact that the two sides are still talking, given that they spent most of the first 100 days apart, offers some hope.

One of the issues that became the topic of discussion this week was “maintaining writers’ room” with minimum staffing and guaranteed workdays.

A group of top models announced their support for a mandatory minimum staffing limit on social media this week. Proverbs vibe David Mandel The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Head writer Ariel Dumas, suit Creator Aaron Korsh and Hacks Both co-author Gene Statsky came out in support of Minimum Employment.

It’s been another busy week for picket lines in Los Angeles and New York, even though a storm warning means there will be no picketing in California on Monday.

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