Weekly horoscope readings for each zodiac sign: February 11-17

Kerry Washington, Aquarius.
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Late Monday night, Mars moves into Aquarius; On Friday morning, Venus joins her. With these two celestial bodies transiting the sign of independence and unconventionality, it's a good week to change up your routine. If your love life is unsatisfactory, look to meet people outside your usual social circle. If you're generally bored, ask yourself if you're playing too safe. Maybe it's time to set bigger or more meaningful goals. Selling yourself short will only lead to frustration. Be brave enough to go in a new direction. In the meantime, find your weekly horoscope for each zodiac sign below.

You're not a natural one, so you sometimes feel uncomfortable in group settings. You value your freedom. You want to do what you want, when you want. However, you need a tribe – and this is also your nature, as is the nature of every human being – even if it introduces some complications into your life. You have an opportunity this week to learn how to engage in and with your community in a successful way for you. You can connect with others and accomplish things that you would never be able to manage on your own. You can be part of the group without losing your independence or identity.

You have a good idea of ​​your strengths and weaknesses. You are neither arrogant nor falsely humble, you know what you are doing well, and you do your best to stay on track. However, this week you may be asked to do more: to take on an unexpected leadership role or a project different from any you've done before, or to do more than you thought you were capable of. Don't back down from a challenge. Once you get into the swing of things, you may find it exhilarating.

As much as you believe in humanity collectively, you sometimes struggle to believe in individuals. Out here in the real world, everyone is messy, contradictory, and often annoying. Every day, you watch them act in ways that are lazy, selfish, or contrary to their stated ideals. It's enough to make you want to give up on people. However, this week try to counter your cynicism. Right now, especially, it's better to be generous than suspicious. Give others the benefit of the doubt and they will surprise you by rising to the occasion.

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It is possible Lately, you've been harsher on others than you mean to be—more demanding, less tolerant, and reluctant to give people (especially those you don't know well yet) the benefit of the doubt. That's not you Wants Being closed off, just because you worry that your good nature will be taken as weakness. Assuming the worst, you imagine you can protect yourself from disappointment. But this week, the more generous you are to others, the happier you will be. Sure, some people won't reciprocate, but that won't break you. No matter how others act, you have to live the way you live Wants.

Sometimes, you imagine how much better life could be for everyone, if you were in charge. With your clear mind and loving heart, you can make the world a softer, kinder, and fairer place to live. But this week you don't have to dream. You can take action to support your community, so you feel less hopeless about the future. The key is to collaborate with others. you are not alone. You have people to rely on, who share ideas with you, and who help you even in the strangest times.

Some people feel bored and trapped, but for you, daily habits help give your life stability and meaning. But that doesn't mean you're rigid. far from it. Your routine is not fixed, and you are willing to change it when you need to. So, this week, if plans don't pan out as you hoped, try not to worry too much. When the unexpected happens, don't look at it as a sign that you're making a mistake, but rather as an invitation to try something new, to surprise yourself and make life more interesting.

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When faced with a decision, You put a lot of pressure on yourself to consider all the options, and after you do that, you come up with the best one One. You realize that your time on Earth is limited, and you don't want to waste it on people or projects that you might one day regret. Just remember that your choices don't have to be safe or predictable to be worthwhile. Sometimes it's better to zig where others zag. You can answer the call to adventure not because you think it will benefit you in any tangible way, but because it will enrich your life.

You may feel a little emotional this week. Even the slightest criticism makes you angry, thoughtless comments hurt you deeply, and you are willing to fight over the smallest difference of opinion. You are full of restless energy and need a productive outlet for it, otherwise you will end up causing problems. Find a project to throw yourself into, a cause to fight for, or even a new relationship you can get excited about. The key is not to let all that wonderful energy coagulate within you, but to find a way to use it.

Your mind is running at full capacity now, full of ideas. Maybe you're thinking of an ambitious community project you'd like to undertake, a novel you'd like to write, or an adventure you've always dreamed of. Your task this week is to figure out a way to use This creative energy. It's so easy to fall behind and hold on to your beautiful ideas until they wither, so let them see the sun. If you wait for perfect conditions or for someone else to come along and do the hard work for you, you will be waiting forever. There is no perfect moment. I continue.

You are comfortable saying no to others when they are being unreasonable. You're not afraid to set boundaries with your boss, your friends, and your parents. However, sometimes, you ask the impossible of yourself. So your challenge this week is to lighten up. Stop overbooking yourself, and start setting aside enough time to unwind. Stop working when you're not on the clock and remember that you need to be creative, have fun and be entertained too. You are harder on yourself than anyone else, and even if you struggle to truly please yourself, at least try to be kinder to yourself.

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Sometimes, you find it difficult to feel like you belong. Even when life is going well, you are a little out of balance; Even among those who love you the most, you feel a little out of place. This week, you'll get a reprieve. You won't have to work hard to be understood. Your friends will get it. Others will recognize how much you have to offer. Don't worry about looking “normal” or trying to fit in. All you have to do is relax and let your true personality shine through.

It seems like everyone is at work this week. They want to know your deepest feelings, your darkest traumas, and your most cherished secrets. Part of you may feel like you owe it to your friends to bare your soul, but you don't. You can open up on your own terms, when you are ready. Your stories are your stories, and you get to decide who to share them with — if you want to share them at all.

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