‘We wanted it’: Buffalo Bills GM received angry texts after making this choice

Brandon Bean believes in going up to get your buddies when the situation presents itself.

In the 2022 NFL Draft, it happened twice. In the first round when buffalo bills He moved from 25th to 23rd place to pick corner player Kair Elam and in the fifth round when the team moved to picks 168 and 203 to the Chicago Bears in exchange for picking 148 to pick wide receiver Khalil Shaker.

Simply, Ben said to Mike Silver of Bally Sports It’s better to get the one you’re passionate about than to lose the player and swing about it.

“I’d rather give up another pick and know I get a guy who’s excited about it,” Ben told Silver. “I always ask myself, ‘How angry would I be if I lost this player?’ “This is the way I deal with it. I’m not sure it’s the right way – but this is the way I deal with it.”

Elam was the last Bills player to earn a rating in the first round. And thankful? Well, the receiver popped up on the draft board in Buffalo to the point where Ben moved to 20 picks from where he was set on the draft in the fifth round while he was throwing in an extra day three picks to get his man.

Ben didn’t have to worry about being angry at the loss of Shaker. No, the other General Managers were apparently annoyed by the move.

He told Ben Silver that he heard from people about the NFL after the selection.

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“I got some text messages from all over the league after that,” Ben told Silver. Silver sheds some light on the texts.

The essence of these texts: Damn you for taking it. we wanted it” Silver books.

Had Penn stayed in the 168th pick, he might be the one who sent an angry message instead of receiving it from his peers across the league.

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