“We had to do some tough work” in producing Baldur’s Gate 3, says the Larian Studios CEO

Larian Studios’ Swen Finke spoke about the crisis culture at the studio, admitting that the team had, at times, to “do a little crunch” when “things happened [the studio] “He did not predict.”

In a Q&A hosted by Vincke following his speech at the Digital Dragons conference in Poland, Vincke was asked if the team had ever been forced to fold — that is, the term given to extreme overtime studios force employees to do the work of preparing a game ready for its release date — and while The team was not “overly” required to handle the crisis, and was “certainly less on BG3 than we have done in the past,” Finke said. “It would be a lie to say we didn’t” handle the crisis at all.

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“We didn’t grind too much,” Finke said (thanks, JR+). “But we had to do some tough work. And I think, frankly, you’re always going to have a little bit of work to do when you’re trying to finish something, especially when there’s a lot of complexity to put together.”

Finke also added that anyone who had to work late was paid overtime – many studios allegedly did not do that – and only “very, very rarely” did people work over the weekend or after 8pm at night.

Earlier this week, Larian Studios, developer of Baldur’s Gate 3, shared the “disappointing news” that its deluxe physical PS5 releases in North America have been delayed once again, this time to July 2024.

Larian also recently confirmed that its next game won’t be Baldur’s Gate 4, DLC, or anything else Dungeons and Dragons related… but noted that it has other games in development.

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