We are intrigued by William Regal’s fascination with Excalibur

September 28 dynamite It was strange, but for good reason. It’s clear that AEW was packing time on his show short of hand due to Hurricane Ian. Some things worked. Some things do.

But what can you always count on? William Regal is thirsty after ‘The Man in the Mask’…

It happens every time Lord Regal joins in on commentary on a Blackpool Combat Club match. Early on, it was just a light flirtation after greeting Mr. Schiavon and Mr. Maniac. Now the talk about breakfast cereals has escalated.

Wizard? scary? Shar eby?

Let us know what you think, and check out the rest of the highlights from last night dynamite. AEW does not release all of their videos to YouTube at the same time. But we’ve compiled what’s released as of this morning into a playlist, and tried to catch up on the rest of the episode via the Twitter clips below.

  • Do you crash Jericho championship celebration discretion? xxx
  • Was Utah Wheeler able to go toe-to-toe with MJF on the stick?
  • Mox defeats juice + hangman faces champ + MJF gets his ass
  • “AEW is officially my home!” Saraya doesn’t carry anything
  • Jericho vows to gut every ROH hero, commentator and episode announcer

For full results and live blog of dynamite click over here. To read a full summary and review of all of tonight’s events, click over here.

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