Watch the rapper brutally slap and beat a fan and ‘throw gang signs at him’

  • Rapper Shordy Shordy, 27, punched a fan standing in the front row in a viral video.
  • A man with a red bandana appeared to be throwing gang signs at him
  • The rapper said the concert attendee wasn’t a fan and was being disrespectful

A video has gone viral of the moment the rapper stopped his concert to slap and punch a man standing in the front row.

Shordy Shordy, 27, was performing over the weekend at El Rey Theater in California when things took an ugly turn.

The video shows the moment Shordy stopped his concert when he saw the man waving a red bandana and throwing gang signs in apparent taunt.

The Baltimore rapper stared at the fan before delivering the blow, knocking him to the ground.

Shordi and a member of his accompanying delegation were seen beating him several times before security removed the fan.

Shordy Shordy stopped the show when he noticed that a concertgoer carrying a red bandana was gesturing toward the gang
Shordi stopped performing when he noticed the fan
The rapper slapped the man and threw him to the ground

Before returning to his set, the rapper said: “What I look like, I’m from the street, don’t ever hit me up.”

The rapper addressed the incident in an Instagram video the next day.

“That wasn’t a fan, that wasn’t a female, that was a disrespectful ass who needed to be slapped in the face.” And we, we did it. This is the way I go. “You’re off the lip, smacking lips,” he said.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, some users responded to the video, saying Shordie’s behavior was unnecessary.

One user wrote: “You slapped a fan just because of a gang reference?? Some of these artists think they are God.”

Another wrote: “This is so cruel of Shordie.” The fan should sue him for assault, he is not above the law.

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‘That was completely unjustified!! “The guy was just having fun,” another said.

The next day, the rapper posted a video on Instagram in which he called the man disrespectful and said he was not a fan of the rapper.
Shordy Shordy is a 27-year-old rapper from Baltimore. He was performing in California when the accident happened

This incident is the latest in a series of attacks carried out by artists while on stage.

In August, rapper 50 Cent threw a broken microphone off stage when it malfunctioned, hitting a concertgoer on the head.

The hitmaker’s lawyer said his client “would never intentionally hit anyone with a microphone.”

Over the summer, Cardi B was acquitted of charges after she threw a microphone at a fan during her concert in Las Vegas.

In the incident, the rapper asked someone to splash water on her in the middle of triple-digit temperatures, but one of the concertgoers held up a cup of liquid and ice at her, causing her to throw the microphone into the audience.

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