WATCH: Radio announcer Dan Miller goes insane during the Lions’ game-winning TD

It wasn’t quite a winner, however Detroit LionsThe 51-yard touchdown after the two-minute warning was one of the most exciting plays we’ve seen from this team in some time.

with the New York Jets A defense that gives the Lions their spells all day, and a touchdown try seemed to seal an unlikely win in the final minutes of the game. The end zone had yet to be found, and the Jets defense had held Detroit to only three points in the second half.

Offensive coordinator Ben Johnson, however, had another trick up his sleeve. At four inches from the center line, draw Brilliantly designed play which used both play and Amon-Ra St. Brown as a decoy to punish the Jets’ defense for their aggressiveness. Tight end Brooke Wright, who had downed a pass six times earlier, snuck off the offensive line and ran wide into the flat on the other side of the field. The huge gain was almost a guarantee when Jared Goff found him, but Wright made it into the end zone.

The CBS announcers did a great job of highlighting the enormity of the play during the live call, but nothing can compare to a local call when Dan Miller is the one on play-by-play.

Here’s the Lions radio call of the 51-yard touchdown pass to Wright that turned out to be the game-winner:

When Wright gains ground in 5-yard increments, you can hear Miller starting to climb as he begins to realize Wright might be taking this guy home. When the Lions’ tight end dips inside for the sure score, that’s when Miller shines.

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“Back to ten,” Miller exclaims. “To the five! Until the end of the zone! Touch, Detroit Lions! Oh my! 51 yards! GOFF’s Brooke Wright and Lions are back on the front! ”

And then, as his voice began to crack, Miller pulled out what became a catchphrase for him.

“Hey kid, how big is this?”

So big, Dan. Very large.

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